Killing Unborn Babies is a Religious Rights Issue but Not Refusing to Bake a Cake

We live in amoral topsy turvy world. Up is down and down is up. The bar of moral degeneracy has been lowered so far that even the world greatest limbo dancer would have hard time getting under it.

Patrick Moynihan described today’s moral freefall as “Defining Deviancy Down.” Robert Bork, who was no stranger to the moral double standard, explained the phenomenon: topsy turvy

“Emile Durkheim, a founder of sociology, posited that there is a limit to the amount of deviant behavior any community can ‘afford to recognize.’ As behavior worsens, the community adjusts its standards so that conduct once thought reprehensible is no longer deemed so.”1

The moral debate over abortion and homosexual marriage intersect at the low bar of moral failure. A perfect example of this is Ilyse Hogue’s comments about abortion and religious freedom. Hogue is president of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL):

“Isn’t it great that we live in a country where Lila Rose2 could decide that she would choose to carry her rapist pregnancy to term, but her version of morality doesn’t actually dictate what I can choose to do in that moment. And that’s what religious liberty is about. It’s about you getting to chose what would be right for you in that circumstance but I don’t get to tell you what to do and you don’t get to tell me what to do.”

Lila Rose had taken the position that a baby conceived in rape is not the guilty party. Aborting the conception does “unrape” the woman, but it does kill the unborn baby.

Religious liberty does not cover killing unborn children any more than it covers killing a child just born. The unborn baby is the victim not the perpetrator. Why kill the baby for what the rapist did? Lila Rose asked, should the unborn baby receive the death penalty for the crime of the rapist?

For today’s liberals killing a preborn baby is a religious freedom issue but refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual couple’s marriage is not. This is the topsy turvy immoral worldview that liberals have created.

  1. Robert H. Bork, Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline (New York: Regan Books, 1996), 3. []
  2. Lila Grace Rose is an American pro-life activist and the founder of the pro-life group Live Action. She conducts undercover investigations of abortion facilities in the United States, including affiliates of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. []
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