Bruce Springsteen Wants to “Take Care of Our Own” With Other People’s Money

I don’t have any problem with musicians, actors, and athletes making boat loads of money. It’s a free world. They’ve developed a skill or a persona that people want to pay money to be part of, more power to them.

But here’s what really ticks me off. When these same self-righteous do-nothings support a political party that pushes through legislation that takes money out of money pocket so it can go to a voting constituency so liberals can stay in power, I resent it.

My resentment runs even deeper when these multi-millionaires leave in the highest seats of luxury, own multiple homes, drive expensive cars parked in 12-car-stall garages, and fly in private jets. I had the utmost respect for Paul Newman. Although a liberal, at least he did something with his fame in creating a food line that I guess has done some good to the less fortunate.

Now we’ve got Bruce Springsteen coming out with an album of songs written as an Ode to Obama. “We Take Care of Our Own” is the first single from his album Wrecking Ball. I want to know what Springsteen means by “We.” Does “We” refer to government or is it a corporate “We” as in everybody?

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Springsteen is an Obama Zombie. His song “The Rising” was used on the Obama campaign trail. Don’t forget that “The Boss” performed at President Obama’s inauguration. Here comes the typical leftist hypocrisy from Springsteen, an entertainer who has a net worth in the rage of $100 to $200 million:

“We granted tax cuts to the richest one percent . . . increasing the division of wealth that threatens to destroy our social contract with one another and render mute the promise of ‘one nation indivisible.’”

Hey, Bruce, in case you don’t know it, you’re the “one percent.”

The Obama Administration in particular and liberals in general are making it more and more difficult for “we the people” to take care of our own. Taxes, regulations, and government mandates don’t leave a lot left over to help those in need, especially when so many government programs have created a welfare mentality.

Bruce can help “take care of our own” buy putting his money where his mouth is. I’ll be generous and say that he can keep $20 million. That should afford him a comfortable lifestyle going forward. Why not give the rest of it away? Write a check to the IRS for $80 million if he really believes “We granted tax cuts to the richest one percent . . . increasing the division of wealth that threatens to destroy our social contract with one another.”

Like Gov. Chris Christie said about Warren Buffett, “He should just write a check and shut up.”

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