Republican David Jolly Sinks Favored Democrat Opponent

The election to fill the seat held by the late Rep. Bill Young is over.

Democrats hoped to pick up this seat. In fact, they were counting on it. Their hopes were dashed when Jolly beat Alex Sink.

The following is from Newsmax:

Jolly scored 88,294 votes compared to Sink’s 84,877. Libertarian Lucas Overby came a distant third with 8,799. Jolly’s share of the vote was 48.52 percent with Sink capturing 46.64 percent and Overby 4.84 percent. The most recent opinion polls had Sink leading the race for the 13th District seat in the St. Petersburg area by between 7 and 9 percent.

The election centered around Obama’s Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Here’s how Slate reported it: “If Obamacare could break Sink, it could break anyone. If she can defend the law, Democrats in tougher races will start to believe they can, too.”

“The battle for Florida’s 13th District seat is a prequel of sorts to the national fight this year over who controls Congress in the last two years of Obama’s final presidential term. The House is expected to remain under Republican control. But in the Senate, Republicans are hoping to leverage Obama’s unpopularity and his health care law’s wobbly start to gain the six seats required to control the 100-member chamber.

“That makes the race in Florida a pricey proving ground for both parties, with the candidates the faces of the effort.

“Jolly, backed by Republicans and outside groups, says Sink would undermine Medicare because of Democratic-passed cuts to programs under the health law.”

Sink outspent Jolly by more than 3 to 1 on television advertising and still lost.

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