Why Blacks Should Not Vote Republican

Chris Matthews said, “I don’t see how anybody who’s African-American would think about voting Republican as long as Reince Priebus is running the show.”

I can think of many reasons why ‘African-Americans’ should not vote Republican.

First, Republicans are generally more anti-abortion. If blacks started voting Republican, black genocide might stop. Better not vote Republican

Second, Republicans are generally more free enterprise oriented. If true conservative economic values were promulgated by the Republicans, there would be more job opportunities for blacks. Certainly blacks would not want more jobs. Better not vote Republican.

Third, Republicans are for school choice. If school choice were implemented, blacks could choose where they would want their children to go to school. I’m sure black parents of school-age children don’t want their children to get a good education. Better not vote Republican.

Fourth, Republicans want to lower taxes for everybody. Lower taxes mean more investing, more money to spend, and a vibrant economy that creates jobs. Blacks certainly don’t want this to happen.

Fifth, by joining the GOP, the Democrats could no longer use white guilt since blacks themselves would have left the debilitating charge far behind.

Sixth, by voting Republican, the race hustlers, who are a part of a long history, would lose their ability to scam the system, something Thomas Wolfe pointed out in his article “Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers” and later published in the 1970 book of the same name:

“The second part of Wolfe’s book is set at the Office of Economic Opportunity in San Francisco which was in charge of administering many of the anti-poverty programs of the time. Wolfe presents the office as corrupt, continually gamed by hustlers diverting cash into their own pockets. The essay centers on the irony of these failed programs fortifying not the diets but the resentment and contempt of the Black, Chicano, Filipino, Chinese, Indian, and Samoan communities of San Francisco.

Tom Wolfe“Wolfe describes hapless bureaucrats (the Flak Catchers) whose function was reduced to taking abuse, or ‘mau-mauing’ (in reference to the intimidation tactics employed in Kenya’s anti-colonial Mau Mau Uprising) from intimidating young Blacks and Samoans, who are seen as reveling in the newfound vulnerability of ‘the Man.’ The flak-catchers smile pathetically, allowing their tormentors to indulge themselves in abuse; the process is seen as a farcical but useful expedient, condescending toward the resentment of these communities. He described one mau-mauer who would show up at the offices and hand over ice-picks, switch-blades and straight-razors that he said were taken from gangs, in exchange for payments from the program. As a result, much of the money of these programs was not reaching its intended recipients, rendering the programs largely ineffective.”

Of course, if today’s blacks vote for GOP candidates like they’ve voted for Democrat candidates for decades, then they should not join the GOP. Please stay in the Democrat Party where you will continue to vote for candidates that will keep you wards of the State, a form of self-imposed enslavement.

None of this is to say that the GOP is anything close to a good political party. It isn’t. But the GOP could sure use some help in fixing the party’s problems.

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