$500 Million Secretly Diverted to IRS is Not about HealthCare — It’s About Control

There are no such restrictions on our government. Billions of dollars are at its disposal, and disposal is the right word. If the federal General Services Administration wants to take a trip to Las Vegas and spend nearly a million dollars, they can do it. It’s not their money.

Now we learn that a half-billion dollars has been diverted to the IRS “to help set up the president’s controversial health-care law.” So even before the program is up and running, $500 million is being spent on enforcement.

Not only do we have to contend with the IRS and its thousands of pages of regulations, power to tax, and authority to garnish wages, but now we’re going to be at the mercy of this agency when it comes to healthcare.

A new study is showing that there’s going to be a $530 billion shortfall that will be rolled into the federal budget deficit. Research shows “that the law is expected to boost net federal spending by more than $1.15 trillion and add between $340 billion and $530 billion to deficits between 2012-21.”

The White House dismissed the projections as “new math [that] fits the old pattern of mischaracterizations” about the health care law. This is the same type of dismissal that created the housing crisis. There were people in government who were warning that the mortgage loan guarantee programs were a house of cards.

It’s never been about making houses and healthcare affordable. It’s all about control of our lives and making us dependent on the State.

Conde Pallen’s “utopian” novel Crucible Island depicts what happens when the State takes on the attributes of a god. Man looks for a substitute provider so “the individual should have no thought, desire, or object other than the public welfare, of which the State is the creator and the inviolable guardian. As soon as the child is capable of learning, he is taught the Socialist catechism, whose first questions run as follows”:

Q. By whom were you begotten?

A. By the sovereign State.

Q. Why were you begotten?

A. That I might know, love, and serve the Sovereign State always.

Q. What is the sovereign State?

A. The sovereign State is humanity in composite and perfect being.

Q. Why is the State supreme?

A. The State is supreme because it is my Creator and Conserver in which I am and move and have my being and without which I am nothing.

Q. What is the individual?

A. The individual is only a part of the whole, and made for the whole, and finds his complete and perfect expression in the sovereign State. Individuals are made for cooperation only, like feet, like hands, like eyelids, like the rows of the upper and lower teeth.1

 Welcome to Crucible Island.

  1. Condé B. Pallen, Crucible Island: A Romance, an Adventure and an Experiment (New York: The Manhattanville Press, 1919), 109–110. []
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