17-Year-Old Saira Blair wins GOP Primary on Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Rights Platform

Saira Blair is in high school and she just won the Republican primary for the West Virginia House of Delegates.

“Soft-spoken and on-message, Blair is a churchgoer who says she is pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun rights and pro-business. She can rattle off a laundry list of businesses taxes she wants abolished or lowered.”

The GOP Establishment is going to hate Saira if she wins in November against her Democrat opponent. I honestly believe the Establishment Republicans would rather have a Democrat to deal with so they can “compromise” and pontificate that they can “reach across the aisle” rather than work with someone who has principles and will stick to them.

The Democrats will hate her too because if they attack Saira, she can accuse them of waging a “war on women.” Because of her age, she could accuse them of bullying.

Saira Blair

There’s also a message here for all the pessimists. Not every Millennial teenager is a dunderheaded political nincompoop. All is not lost.

“Blair has attended GOP meetings with her dad since the sixth grade and volunteers with various groups. She skipped senior prom to participate in a Youth in Government meeting in Charleston.”

Some conservative Christians will turn their political nose up over Blair’s entry into politics. When men won’t get the job done, like the man she beat in the primary, then I have no objection. Blair is an indictment on the ineffectiveness of Republican male politicians. They are wimps. So be it if it takes a 17-year-old high school girl to point it out.

Blair got her political education from her electrician father. “Craig Blair is a state senator who once held the House seat she is seeking.”

Will she stay the course? Will she given into political pressure? I don’t know. There are any number of Republicans who ran on a solid conservative platform and caved when they were offered perks, position, and power.

These are the traps – political honey pots – that ensnare so many political idealists.

Blair needs to write down why she entered politics and make a contract with herself before God that she will keep that contract.

She should also gather around her a group of mentors who will keep her accountable to those principles. Politics is a like a drug. When the temptation to compromise raises its head, a quick call to a mentor is what’s needed to walk her back from the brink.

There’s a lesson here for people who want to get into politics. Start small. Gain experience. I’ve seen too many people who have never won the smallest of races decide it’s time to run for the United States Senate or even President of the United States.

One more thing. Running for political office is hard work if you want to win. “Quite frankly, she out-campaigned me,” said 67-year-old Larry Kump, the man she beat.

Also, off-year-elections are the best times to run. “It was a low voter turnout election and she won.”

This is a warning. No matter how could the candidate is, you can’t beat something with nothing. Where were conservative voters? They should have turned out by the bus load.

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