Pittsburgh Pirates Organization Celebrates Gay Pride Day on Kids’ Day: Will ‘Ecosexual Day’ be Next?

Why would anyone celebrate a sex act at a professional baseball game? That’s what being ‘gay’ is all about — a sex act. The thing that separates homosexuals from heterosexuals is the type of sex they engage in. What does same-sex sexuality have to do with pride or sports?

For the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, it’s worse than just having a celebratory nod to homosexuals and the alphabet soup of gender bending; it’s that the Pirates capitulated to the perversion by combining it with Kids Day:

It seems you can’t even take your kid to a ballgame these days without encountering the ol’ red-orange-yellow-green-blue-and-purple.

The Pride flag will take the place of Old Glory in Pittsburgh’s PNC Park on July 2 when the Pirates’ first-ever Gay Pride Day falls on the weekly Kids’ Day. Each ticket to the Major League Baseball game will include a Pirates Pride Day cap, complete with rainbow-hued “P”.

Mental health awareness advocate Richard Jarzynka has begun a campaign on Facebook to protest the conflation of the two events.

“I have been a Pittsburgh Pirate fan for 50 seasons,” he declared online. That ended the day he found out about the Pirates “Pride” celebration. “As a Christian, I cannot support an organization which actively promotes a behavior which the Word of God repeatedly and unequivocally declares to be a sin,” Jarzynka wrote. (Life Site News)

What’s happened to our society that sports teams engage in the promotion of such perversity? Haven’t the Pirates big shots been following the leftist downward spiral of ESPN? Like most film fans, sports fans don’t want to be propagandized. They want to be entertained. We’re sick of people like someone like actress Sally Field who believes she is the guardian of the public discourse:

Sally Field, nominated for Best Leading Actress for her role in The Glass Menagerie, posted a picture of herself sporting a Planned Parenthood pin on her outfit.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she captioned her photo with: “Sick of hearing actors talk re politics? 2 bad I won’t stay silent while politicians attack our rights. Proud to #StandwithPP.”

Will the day come when adulterers get together and call for Adultery Pride Day? Divorce Pride Day? Transgender Pride Day? Sologamy Pride Day? Ecosexual Pride Day?

You haven’t heard of Ecosexuals? You might encounter them at a Major League baseball game in the near future, so be prepared:

The video, uploaded to Facebook by In the NOW, begins with the words, “there are humans that ‘f**k’ nature” and shows hippies literally rubbing dirt on themselves and licking trees.

One woman can be seen sensually shoving dirt into her mouth before the words “ecosexuals consider earth to be a lover not a mother” appear onscreen.

“They even perform ‘weddings,’” the video continues, showing a mass congregation of “ecosexuals” marrying “anything natural, from rocks to mountains and seas.”

The clip goes on to state that “ecosexuals believe their ‘faith’ will help environmentalism be taken more seriously.”

Once you go down the slippery slope of moral degradation, there’s no way to stop it. Such nonsense goes back a long way. The following is from Hexaemeron (Homily 8:2) by the early church father Basil the Great who was bishop of Caesarea Mazaca, Cappadocia, from AD 370-379. While dealing with the doctrine of creation, he puts down other related foolishness:

[A]void the nonsense of those arrogant philosophers who do not blush to liken their soul to that of a dog; who say that they have been formerly themselves women, shrubs, fish. Have they ever been fish? I do not know; but I do not fear to affirm that in their writings they show less sense than fish.

In the end, it all comes back to creation v. evolution. If we were once dirt and fish, we can be dirt and fish again or anything else. “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

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