You Won’t Believe the Video the ACLU Produced to Support ‘Transgenders’ Using Girls Bathrooms

There’s a battle going on in Texas over bathrooms. It doesn’t sound like a big deal to allow men who believe or think they are women to use a woman’s bathroom, but it’s a slippery slope to issues like boys showering with girls, boys who believe they are girls playing on girls sports teams, and so-called transitioning girls on testosterone winning a girls wrestling tournament. Yes, they’ve all happened.

We’re beginning to see the curriculum of elementary schools teaching children that homosexuality is natural and so is gender fluidity. What do you think would happen if a boy thought he was really a girl after being indoctrinated in a State school and the parents refused to accept the child’s confusion? The State would intervene like it has in abortion cases.

The homosexual political movement and its pro-homosexual supporters in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have produced a TV commercial to be used as a Public Service Announcement in opposition to SB 6, The Women’s Privacy Act. Incredibly, they have decided to frame the issue by asking the voters to join them in saying “I Pee with LGBT.”

This short video is prime evidence that the ACLU and its pro-homosexual/pro-transgender clients are insane, but it’s the best advertisement for getting The Women’s Privacy Act passed in Texas. If it loses in Texas, the “I Pee with LGBT” will be coming to your state. You’ll  think it’s a Saturday Night Life skit, but it’s not. It’s the real deal:

Dr. Steve Hotze, helping to lead the charge to get The Women’s Privacy Act passed, wrote the following:

“I support Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and State Senator Lois Kolkhorst in their efforts to pass Texas Senate Bill 6 (SB), The Women’s Privacy Act, which would keep perverted men, who claim to be women, from using women’s and girls public bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. Just because a man believes that he is a women, doesn’t make him one, any more than if he believed that he was a dog, would make him a dog.”

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