Will the Real (Liberal) Mitt Romney Please Stand Up

On December 18, 1956, Clayton Heermance, a.k.a. Bud Collyer, who was the radio voice of Superman long ago, landed what would become his most successful game-show hosting job ever–Goodson-Todman’s To Tell The Truth. The show had three contestants who claimed to be the same person and a panel of four celebrity questioners who tried to determine which one was telling the truth and which two were lying. Following the questions, each panelist voted for whom he or she thought was telling the truth. “Wrong guesses were worth money to all three contestants, who split the money equally.”

Throughout the show’s 12-year prime-time and day-time run on CBS, such celebrities as Polly Bergen, Kitty Carlisle, Ralph Bellamy, Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, Phyllis Newman, and Bert Convy would try to pick out the real contestant. The famous closing line for each round was, “Will the real __________________ please stand up!”

Why the stroll down TV memory lane? Because politicians are running for office again. I’ve gleaned the following from the “Mass Resistance” Website:

As former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney runs for President of the United States, his powerful (and well-funded) campaign machine uses revised history and misleading statements to portray him as a solid social and fiscal conservative with a track record of successes as governor. Much of this is exacerbated by fawning (and lazy) conservative media. However, the truth is different. We present the following documentation of Romney’s actual record in Massachusetts. We think that the facts will speak for themselves.

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