Why Social Issues are Important

Rick Santorum is getting hammered because of his social issues message. Critics say that he should be talking about the economy and not contraception and abortion. When a candidate gives a speech, he talks about a lot of things. Members of the media pick and choose what to concentrate on. Since social issues for liberals are like chum in the water to sharks, the media throw as much of it as they can to get the liberal sharks to circle and attack.

It’s unfortunate that some Republicans don’t like to talk about social issues. Let’s face it. Life is getting cheap in America. If people are willing to snuff out the life of innocent preborn babies, are we surprised that a teenager would shoot and kill some of his defenseless fellow-students in what used to be considered one of the safest places in America – a public school? (I realize the public schools have been ideologically dangerous for many years.)

In addition, our nation’s economic problems are an extension of personal and political morality or the lack thereof. For example, there was a time when gold and silver were used as currency and paper money represented gold and silver ownership. These were called gold and silver certificates.

Politicians began to realize that they could increase the money supply simply by printing more of the paper dollars with no precious metals to back them up. If you and I did this, we would go to jail. Few people noticed at first since the Federal Reserve Notes spent just like the silver and gold certificates. We treated the counterfeit currency like it was the real thing.

But something happened over time. Our money began to lose its value. We complain about the high price of gasoline, but if inflation is factored in, we’re paying the same price that we did when gold was around $35 per ounce. The ratio between the price of gold and the dollar is a constant. All things being equal, most homes didn’t increase in value. The money used to buy a home became less valuable.

Here’s the kicker. The first people to get the money after it is printed are the ones who benefit. These are usually those employed by government or receive subsidies from government payouts. The people hit hardest are widows, orphans, and the elderly.

Debasing currency and commodities is an age-old sin. Here’s how the Bible describes the progression:

Your silver has become dross,
Your drink diluted with water
Your rulers are rebels
And companions of thieves;
Everyone loves a bribe
And chases after rewards.
They do not defend the orphan,
Nor does the widow’s plea come before them (Isa. 1:21–23).

 If a government will debase the currency, then it can debase anything with impunity, including our rights and freedoms. This includes devaluing human life in the womb and forcing us to pay for the whole bloody business.

Liberals argue that government should not get involved in social issues. Then why do they force us to pay for a women’s birth control and abortions? Why are businesses forced to comply with so-called gay rights laws? What should we make of “hate-crime” laws which are really thought-crime laws. Someone can beat you to a pulp and get one type of judgment, but if a homosexual is beaten up, the punishment is more severe.

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