Why It’s No Longer ‘About the Economy’

If the rise in the stock market, record low unemployment, a rise in wages, and so much more, had taken place during Obama’s tenure as President, he would have been declared a new Messiah. Wait! He was proclaimed to be a Messiah during a time of stagnated growth after pumping trillions of dollars into the economy.

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The pundits laughed at Trump when he predicted GDP growth would be higher than 3%. It’s at 4.2%. Consider these recent headlines:

During Bill Clinton’s presidency, we heard, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Thanks to the GOP tax cuts, 90% of wage earners have higher take-home pay.

But none of this matters since what was at stake in Trump’s 2016 win power. The swamp is a cover for a mass coverup of who’s ruling our lives. The majority of Republicans and all the Democrats have been playing power footsies. Each party gives a little (mostly the GOP) so the other party gets a lot (mostly the Democrats). They’ve been playing this game for decades.

Trump had no political machine that followed him to Washington. He was not part of the game-playing Establishment. Most of the political power brokers were shut out of his presidency. It’s for this reason that the anti-Trump resistance in the GOP was born.

They want back into the buffet to feed on the political smorgasbord of power and money. Make your bones in Washington and become a lobbyist or a political analyst. If you get to keep your security clearance, there are big bucks to be made. Without it, you’re just a regular schmoo.

In one sense, it’s still “the economy.” Not our economy, but the economy of the political class.

The following by Breitbart writer John Nolte explains it all better than I can.


Woodward Book, Anonymous NYTimes Op-Ed Reveal Trump’s Done Nothing Wrong

By John Nolte

Remember that…

As the corrupt media fabricate a “fitness for office” crisis, remember…

Trump has done nothing wrong.

Even those hiding behind anonymity, even those hiding behind those hiding behind anonymity, no one has made a single allegation that Trump has done anything wrong.

All this ginned up media hysteria, all this Never Trump nonsense about the 25th Amendment, all this #Resistance adulation over a glory-seeking narcissist hiding behind the skirts of the New York Times — where is this narcissist’s allegation of wrongdoing?

Go back and read the piece — there’s no allegation of wrongdoing on Trump’s part, just a coward, a preener, a saboteur with no respect for the Constitution, no respect for our electoral system, and even less respect for the American people who voted to put Trump in charge as opposed to an unelected cabal of Deep Staters.

All this hand-wringing, all this frenzy, all this invented concern over chaos in the White House, over this unprecedented moment in presidential history, what is it really about…?

No, ask yourself that.

Stop for a moment.

Take a breath.

Close your eyes.

Turn off Chuck Todd.

Put away the iPhone.

And ask yourself, what is this concocted five-alarm Constitutional crisis built on?

If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that it is built on only one thing… Grade-A, 100 percent horseshit.

Even if everything Woodward’s anonymous sources say is true… So what?

Even if everything the New York Times narcissist says is true… So what?

Look at what these failures and liars and grifters are trying to con you with… Because it has nothing to do with illegality, nothing to do with substance, and everything to do with style.

The corrupt establishment is colluding to head fake America into freaking out over Trump’s style while Trump delivers and delivers and delivers on the substance, on things that actually matter.

Trump has an erratic management style. So what?  I’m supposed to care he burns people out, dresses them down, demands they do crazy stuff like at long last win one of these endless neocon wars?

So what?

I don’t care how Trump makes his decisions, I care about the end result of those decisions.

All this long con over Trump’s “fitness” is based on is his management style; which is meaningless inside-inside gossip for the stupid and shallow to masturbate over – a hoax, a con, a carnival barker’s sideshow.

How about if we focus on the substance for just a moment…

Our economy is booming for the first time in a freakin’ decade, manufacturing jobs are finally coming back, North Korea has stopped launching missiles, the War on Terror feels like a bad memory, ISIS is no longer lighting people on fire, Putin’s adventurism has been halted, the rule of law is returning to the Supreme Court, someone is finally paying serious attention to the plight of the working class, were out of the Paris Hoax Treaty, the Iran Deal is dead, we’re not funding the Palestinians, we’re not transporting billions in cash to terrorist nations, the media are finally being treated like the Democrat operatives they are, the Obamacare mandate is dead, black and Hispanic unemployment has hit record lows, and, and, and…

Read the rest of the article here.

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