Why I’m Voting for Mitt Romney and Why You Should Too

The first reason is easy: Barack Obama. It is shocking to think that a Marxist could ever be president of the United States. But it happened. People always ask, “How could those people have sat back while ________________ came to power. That could never happen here.” Well, it did happen here. As a nation, we sat back and let Barack Obama win in 2008, and look at what we got. Granted, John McCain was not much of an alternative.

Some people might argue that the reason I don’t like Barack Obama is because he’s black. There’s no truth it. There are a number of black people I would love to see sitting in the White House, not because the’yre black, but because their worldview is right.

In fact, it’s the white half of Obama that I don’t like. How could his mother, who is white, associate with so many self-avowed Marxists? Didn’t she know how socialist, Marxist, and fascist policies have destroyed nations? Didn’t she realize that it was socialism and Marxism that has kept much of Africa in poverty? Let’s not forget Cuba, North Korea, East Germany and East Berlin, and the former Soviet Union. The facts are there for anyone to see.

Surely she had some idea of how the supposed Great Society programs that became law under Lyndon Johnson have wrecked the black family, turned the poor into a dependent voting-block that is beholden to a single political party with the result that the Democrat Party takes blacks for granted and the Republican Party ignores blacks because it has almost no chance of getting their vote.

Blacks have been duped by blacks. You don’t have to be in chains to be a slave, and there are more blacks in slavery today than there were in the 1850s.

If Romney wins, there will be a coattail effect, but not if disgruntled conservatives and Paulians stay home. This means that we can beef-up the conservative votes in the House and Senate. If we don’t get behind Romney, it’s almost assured that we will lose congressional seats.

Some will say that Romney’s just like Obama. That’s nonsense. Is Romney as conservative as I would like to see in a candidate? No. But he’s more conservative now than when he was governor of Massachusetts. The primary forced him to the right. Will he remain as conservative as his recent rhetoric seems to indicate? I don’t know. That’s why we need a strong Congress to put a brake on any broken-promise policies.

There are lots of people who believe Ron Paul’s going to get the nomination at the convention. It’s not going to happen. If it were to happen, he would lose bigger in November than Barry Goldwater lost to Johnson in 1964. Paul gave it a good shot. Did he get revolution started? That remains to be seen. But he didn’t win. Get over it for this election.

Romney’s been going on the attack. His comments on Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech was fiery and passionate. This conversation with Brian Williams encouraged me that Romney’s not afraid to take on the media and doesn’t need a teleprompter. An exchange that Romney had with Brian Williams of NBC News was priceless. Williams, apparently reading from a script, asked Romney if it was true that he’s looking for an “incredibly boring white guy” to be his vice-president. Here was Romney’s reply: “You told me you were not available.” All Williams could say was, “Touche.”

These two encounters might not mean much, but they can be tipping points in an election. They give confidence to Romney, and they put the media on notice that they’re dealing with someone who’s not afraid to fight back without being nasty. Let’s be clear: The media are a fifth column. They’re going to do everything they can to get Obama re-elected. They can’t admit that they made a huge mistake in 2008.

The majority of Americans aren’t as conservative as most readers of this website. We’re still dealing with an electorate that’s on the government dole. They need Obama to win. There’s not much that’s going to change that except a national collapse. There are a lot of people who think that would be a great idea. It would be horrific. No one will come to our aid.

I don’t believe in messianic politics. I don’t believe any candidate is going to save us. Many of the problems our nation faces were created by us. We’re government drunkards. Too many of us like government programs that benefit us while we rail against programs that don’t. If you send your children to government (public) schools, you’re on the dole. You might not like hearing that, but it’s true. You’re not paying what it really costs. You’re using some of your neighbor’s money.

If we play this election right, Romney will give us a chance to right the ship of State. Liberals aren’t afraid of making small gains. We didn’t lose this nation in one election; we’re not going to get it back in one election.

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