Why Has President Obama Decided to Support Homosexual Marriage Now?

President Obama has been lying. He has always supported homosexual marriage even though he’s made public statements against it. His position on the subject has not been “evolving.” The folks at Breitbart report the following

Over at BuzzFeed, Andrew Kaczynski points out a questionnaire Obama filled out for a gay newspaper in Chicago back in 1996. At the time he wrote unequivocally “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

So why has he lied about the subject for past 12 years? He’s a politician, and all politicians lie in order to get votes. While the homosexual community has lots of money, it doesn’t have as many votes as the black and Hispanic communities that generally oppose homosexual marriage.

A number of high-profile black ministers in North Carolina campaigned publicly in support of the amendment to the North Carolina constitution that reads:

“An Act to Amend the Constitution to Provide That Marriage Between One Man and One Woman is the Only Domestic Legal Union That Shall Be Valid or Recognized in This State.”

Consider that President Obama won the state of North Carolina in 2008 with 49.9% of the vote. In the May 8 vote on homosexual marriage, 61 percent of North Carolina voters turned out against homosexual marriage. President Obama had to find a way to circumvent black opposition to homosexual marriage because, as The Atlantic reports

“black clerics from North Carolina and around the nation with strong ties to NOM [National Organization for Marriage], such as Maryland’s Bishop Harry R. Jackson, who’s also leading the effort to overturn his own state’s recent law granting gays the right to marry, and Philadelphia-based Rev. Herbert Lusk, who appears in one of NOM’s latest video campaigns, ‘Is Gay Marriage a Civil Right? African-American and Latino Leaders Speak Out.’

“In April, Rev. George D. McKinney of San Diego helped launched an initiative for NOM with the Coalition of African American Pastors to collect 100,000 signatures around the country on behalf of keeping marriage something restricted to opposite-sex couples in North Carolina.”

This trend is worrying President Obama and the Democrats because they need voter enthusiasm in November.

President Obama believes he can recapture the majority black vote, even among those who are dead set against homosexual marriage, if he can link it to the civil rights movement. Many blacks, however, do not see the connection between homosexual behavior and race. Sexual behavior cannot be compared to the struggle of blacks to secure full civil rights.

General Colin Powell, who is black, argued some time ago that there is no relationship between homosexual rights and civil rights, especially since a genetic cause of homosexual behavior has never been proved:

Skin color is a benign, nonbehavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of human behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument.1

Will President Obama’s “coming out of the closet” on homosexual marriage make a difference in November? I believe it will, but not in the way he and his fellow Democrats are counting on.

While many people may express a neutral opinion or even tacit approval of homosexuality in a public setting, in private there is still a decided aversion to homosexual behavior. There are few parents who want to see their children to adopt the homosexual lifestyle.

  1. General Colin Powell, letter to Rep. Patricia Shroeder (May 8, 1992). Cited in John W. Whitehead, Religious Apartheid: The Separation of Religion from American Public Life (Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1994), 126. []
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