It’s Time for Trump to Fire Everyone and Start Over

I don’t understand why Trump didn’t get rid of every holdover from the Obama administration. I would have fired everyone and started from scratch.

Trump’s 2016 win shook the establishment to its core. for the first time in a long time, the Democrats and Republicans are on the same side: Trump is a problem. The old and bitter John McCain is leading the opposition from within the GOP.

We’re looking at a well-orchestrated but quiet coup d’etat.

Trump’s presidency is being sabotaged from the inside and is being aided and abetted by the GOP establishment. It’s time to clean house to catch the opposition off guard.

There’s a scene from the film The Untouchables that he could take a lesson from. Al Capone is on trial for tax evasion, the only crime they could pin on him. There was a jury trial. Eliot Ness finds out that the jury is compromised. It had been bought off by Capone.

The judge, most likely also on Capone’s payroll, wants to save his career by not being exposed even though his name is not on this particular list. So he makes a split-second decision and switches the existing jury with a sitting jury in another courtroom not having anything to do with the Capone case. (It didn’t happen exactly the way it was depicted in the film, but there was a jury switch.)

There are too many anti-Trumpers out there who believe their jobs are in jeopardy if Trump follows through with his campaign promises. They have been bought off with government money for programs and actions that are not constitutional. They would rather have a Democrat or an establishment Republican in the White House so business can get back to normal. That means continuing to grow the government and government jobs and salaries.

There are billions of dollars on the line. Politicians and their lobbyists make millions off government programs. That’s why there is not a great of pushback on “climate change” and Obamacare. These government spending pits make people lots of money at the expense of taxpayers. You name the program, and there’s someone in government making money from it.

Al Gore is promoting the claim that $15 trillion dollars need to be spent to save us from a “climate change” disaster. People in governments all over the world are salivating over such a prospect because they know there’s money to be made with other people’s money and not a dime of it will do anything to stop what is happening naturally.

Trump needs to learn this lesson: “Never stop fighting until the fight is done.”

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