The One Thing Liberals Fear You Will Do

Liberals fear that Americans will wake up one day and ask this question: “Why are we sending our children to schools that are run by the government?” Liberals know that our nation’s schools are the breeding ground for their statist worldview.

In 2007, I wrote the book Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World. In it I pointed out that every change in worldview was brought about through the educational establishment. Our founders understood this. That’s why they established their own schools (e.g., Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc.), and that’s why liberals took them over. They knew that by capturing these prestigious and influential institutions they could affect every area of life without ever firing a shot.

More than 95 percent of American young people attend government schools. We call them public schools, but they are really government schools. The curriculum is designed by the government, the textbooks are approved by the government, the funding comes from money stolen by the government, and the Federal Department of Education oversees the whole process.

From the time a child enters kindergarten, he learns directly and indirectly that he is indebted to the State and looks to the State for sustenance.

As long as parents continue to send their children to government schools, liberals will have a stranglehold on the nation. We won’t see any appreciable change in the direction of the nation until parents realize that the false premise of “free education” is a self-destructive delusion.

We’re fighting illegal immigration. But it’s not really about immigration; it’s about what citizens and legal and illegal immigrants learn in government schools that makes the difference in the long run.

Liberals count on conservatives, libertarians, and constitutionalists to send their children to the local government school system. They’ll be able to indoctrinate future statists for six hours each day, five days each week, for ten months each year for 13 years.

Your children will spend more time with strangers than with you for 13 years of their lives. They will learn what other people are required by law to teach them. You’ll get them a few hours each evening (if they’re not doing homework) before they go off to bed for at least 8 hours of sleep to repeat the indoctrination all over again.

Government schools are indoctrination centers. The liberals know it; that’s why they continually demand more money for their support and work continually to control every aspect of the curriculum.

If you want to strike fear in the liberal establishment, abandon the government schools. Will you have to sacrifice? Yes. Better to sacrifice now than to pay a steeper price later.

Liberals talk claim they are “doing it for the children.” They are doing it to control the children. Let’s take the control of the future away from them.

Do it now while you have the freedom. Do it before it’s too late.

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