The Goal: Occupy the White House and Congress in 2012

While the Leftists are trying to punish the people who create jobs, Conservatives should stay focused on the real problem – Congress and the Presidency.

While the leeches and special interest groups want to increase the power of government to make it more difficult for the producers to produce, Conservatives need to direct their time, energy, and money in getting the best people elected in 2012. Don’t expect the media to be fair. Don’t expect today’s politicians to take any blame for what they’ve done to our nation and the economy.

It’s interesting that the protests are taking place in the most liberal cities in the US – New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. It’s not surprising that the biggest culprit, Nancy Pelosi, wants God to bless them. Where’s the ACLU when you need them? Isn’t she mixing religion and politics?

She’s calling on her version of god to direct these people to get government to take more money from people so she and her liberal friends can get more power. This is hardly something God will bless, but Obama and his cronies love it. They see it as a way to reoccupy the White House and Congress in 2012.  Politico reported:

The comments from Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House, came after President Barack Obama embraced the protesters in a nationally televised news conference, saying their furor would “express itself politically in 2012 and beyond.”

The community organizer is in his element. It remains to be seen of the Republicans will be bullied and capitulate to the demands from the street.

They see it all slipping away. We’ve got to keep the pressure on the Republicans. “Never give up. Never surrender.”

The Republicans need our help. They have a tendency to get weak in the knees when the media pay so much attention to these contrived “popular” demonstrations. Let’s keep the pressure on them and let them know that there are more of us than of the Occupy crowd.

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