04 Jan 2016

Defy Obama, Buy a Gun, and Dedicate it to the Best Gun Salesman in America

The Second Amendment is part of the “law of the land” because its in the Bill of Rights which, of course, is in the Constitution. President Obama wants to put more restrictions of American citizens who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The thing of it is, the President

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11 Aug 2014

How I’m Preparing if ISIS Comes to America

“For us, we believe that this generation of children is the generation of the Caliphate,” one ISIS fighter tells the camera. “God willing, this generation will fight infidels and apostates, the Americans and their allies, God willing. The right doctrine has been implanted in these children. All of them love

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05 Mar 2014

If You Want to See What Liberal Paradise Looks Like – Go to Prison

Joe Arpaio is known as America’s Toughest Sheriff, a title “given to him years ago by the media. It’s a name he certainly has earned as head of the nation’s third largest Sheriff’s Office which employs over 3400 people.” “In 1992, Arpaio successfully campaigned to become the Sheriff of Maricopa

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09 Oct 2013

Switzerland Pushes for $2800 Monthly Minimum Wage

The people of Switzerland used to have better economic sense. Not anymore. More than 120,000 have signed a petition demanding a $2800 monthly minimum wage. No matter where they work or what kind of work they do, they would be paid $2800. Such a minimum wage demand will raise the

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16 Aug 2013

Oprah’s Handbag vs. Duck Dynasty’s Hotel

Oprah cried “racism” when she wasn’t treated like the queen she thinks she is. Racism is the entry word to silence. If you want to shut up the opposition, cry “racism.” If you want to push a corrupt political agenda, cry “racism.” I believe Oprah cried “racism” as a way

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