12 Feb 2014

Should We Lift the Cuba Embargo?

Here’s my short answer to lifting the Cuba embargo: Yes! “The United States has had a trade embargo against Cuba for more than 50 years, but according to the latest survey, a majority of Americans favor normalizing relations with the Communist regime.” Maybe at the time an embargo was a

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26 Dec 2013

What President Obama and Cuba’s Raul Castro Have in Common

You may not have seen the article about Communist Cuba leader Raul Castro and the comment he made about entrepreneurship. Cuba is so bad off economically that the pure Marxist ideological dystopia is a test case for why Communism is inherently self-destructive for those it claims to help but beneficial

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17 Dec 2013

Paul Ryan Has Forgotten Attack Ad Where He Kills Grandma

The Democrats are the enemy of the American people, and Paul Ryan better than anyone else should know this. There’s no way to soft peddle how unconstitutional, un-American, and immoral the policies of the Democrats are when we look at the results. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from hard-working

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