27 Feb 2014

Answering “5 Reasons We Don’t Send Our Kids to Christian Schools”

When I first read the article “5 Reasons We Don’t Send Our Kids to Christian Schools (but you might, and should),” I thought it might be satire. I contacted the author and he informed me that it wasn’t. So here goes. For what it’s worth, the first thing I noted

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14 Dec 2012

John Stossel Doesn’t See Evidence for God and Liberals Don’t See Evidence for the Free Market

John Stossel has been a consistent spokesman for free market economics. Thomas Sowell recommends Stossel’s latest book No, They Can’t! as a great Christmas gift. I agree. “It is written with a light touch, but gets across some pretty heavy stuff about economics. The title is a take-off on Obama’s

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03 Nov 2012

We’ll End Up Paying for Hurricane Sandy Damage

When Georgia was ravaged by floods in September of 2009, my home had nearly $25,000 in water damage to the roof, interior walls, and hardwood floors. I had insurance. If the water had hit the ground and then entered my house, my standard insurance policy would not have covered it.

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16 May 2012

Bankrupt California Can Be Saved by Following Puerto Rico’s Example

I’m in Los Angeles as I write this article. Actually, I’m about 35 miles north of LA. It’s easy to understand why so many people dreamed of California. The Mamas and the Papas got it right: On a winter’s day I’d be safe and warm If I was in L.A.

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