01 Mar 2014

Lesbian Denied Haircut by Male Muslim Barbers

This story’s from Canada. But don’t worry, before you know it, a similar thing will happen in the United States. It will be interesting to see how liberals and their willing judicial accomplices will respond. “Barbers in Toronto who refused to cut a woman’s hair have become the target of

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25 Feb 2014

Should a Pro-Abortion Printer be Forced to Print “Abortion is Murder” Signs and Shirts?

The courts have kicked a legal hornet’s nest by redefining marriage and forcing people to agree with their decision under threat of fines and possible imprisonment. Now states are trying to project business owners that do not agree with the redefinition of marriage by passing laws allowing them to refuse

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24 Feb 2014

Would Jesus Bake a Cake For and Attend a Homosexual Wedding?

CNN is reporting that “Arizona’s Legislature has passed a controversial bill that would allow business owners, as long as they assert their religious beliefs, to deny service to gay and lesbian customers.” If Gov. Jan Brewer signs it, the courts will rule it unconstitutional. This all started when states passed

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26 Jun 2012

Swear Upon the Altar of God Eternal Hostility against Every Form of Tyranny over the Mind of Man

After the Supreme Court ruling on immigration, which upheld a key provision in the law, the Obama administration has declared war on Arizona. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told FOX News: “I’m not stopping anything. I’m going to continue to enforce those state laws regardless of what the federal government is

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14 Apr 2012

Is Arizona’s Public School Bible Course a Good Idea?

Arizona governor Jan Brewer is considering signing into law a bill that would “make the Bible and its role in Western culture the subject of an elective high school course.” The Senate passed it with a vote of 21–9 after it was approved by the House. The content of the

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