15 Sep 2015

Liberal Admits Liberal Journalists Ignorant About Religion

A couple of items in the news confirmed what religious conservatives have known for a long time. First, liberal journalists aren’t very religious. Second, they are ignorant about religion. Third, they believe, according to Paul Waldman who wrote on The Washington Post’s Plum Line blog, that “religious conservatives” are trying

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03 Mar 2015

Hoaxer, Race Baiter, MSNBC Host, and Tax-Cheat Al Sharpton Loves Darwin

Al Sharpton seems to get away with every moral infraction. Many people ask how he can live with himself knowing that he was involved in the smearing of six white men when he took up for Tawana Brawley who claimed she had been raped and left with racial slurs written

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12 Apr 2014

UPDATE: Why the BLM is Standing Down in Cliven Bundy Dispute

UPDATE: “According to Infowars reporter David Knight, who is on location, the BLM is standing down and will be releasing Cliven Bundy’s cattle shortly. This comes after reports stating that feds were ready to fire on protesters if they attempted to seize the rancher’s cattle.” Why? There’s a good possibility

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27 Dec 2012

Evolutionist is Accused of Being a ‘Fundamentalist’

Being called a ‘fundamentalist’ is the ultimate put-down word when you want to discredit a person’s belief system. That’s why secularist and evolutionist Richard Dawkins is outraged that theoretical physicist Peter Higgs has called him a “fundamentalist of another kind.” Originally, the word “fundamentalist” meant someone who held to the

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