12 Feb 2018

Confirmed: Democrats Use Blacks, Hispanics, and the Poor as Political Pawns

This caught my attention. Hilario Yanez who “once praised President Barack Obama for his executive order that protected Yanez and hundreds of thousands of other illegal aliens from deportation, gave them work permits, and allowed them to attend American colleges and universities,” has changed his tune. Yanez recently stated that “Democrat leaders

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22 Oct 2015

Star Wars VII and How Tyranny Returns: From Carter to Obama

The following three sentences from Ben Domenech’s article “The New Star Wars Trailer, Analyzed” caught my attention: The internet comment threads are filled with frustrated confusion about this. How can people forget about the Jedi a mere thirty years after they orchestrated the collapse of the Empire? Did they all

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10 Nov 2014

Is Obama Looking to Burn Down the House?

President Obama is a sore loser. He lost big on election-day 2014, even though he has said that it was not a rejection of his policies. Everybody but those in the Democrat leadership and media sycophants knows better. Obama, however, being the sore loser and narcissist that he is, will

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24 Apr 2014

Only Poor ‘People of Color’ who Vote Democrat Matter to Nancy Pelosi

Can you imagine a Republican saying the things that Nancy Pelosi says and still remain in office? Democrats don’t care how idiotic their elected official is as long as he or she votes the right way. Satan himself could be on the ticket and Democrats would vote for him if

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16 Jul 2012

Subsidizing Irresponsibility and Poverty for Votes

The best way to know what something costs is to pay for it. One of the first things a debt counselor will tell someone in debt is to cut up the credit cards and pay cash for everything. One of the reasons healthcare prices are out of control is because

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13 Jul 2012

Food Stamps for Tattoos, Porn, Manicures, and Bail Money

There was a time when there were standards for getting food stamps (now EBT cards). The food stamp program was designed to help families with the necessities. You couldn’t buy anything you want with food stamps. When my oldest son worked at a grocery store, he was indignant when a

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30 Jan 2012

The Poverty Myth: Social Justice Is About Bringing the Top Down

This present administration is prepping the poor to vote for him this November. The dependency vote is big for Democrats. The “moochers” as radio personality Neal Boortz calls them, have learned how to game the system to their benefit. It’s like playing a slot machine that always pays. Then there’s

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21 Jan 2012

The Job-Killing President

Newt Gingrich called President Obama “the best food-stamp president in American history.” Of course, liberals saw this as a coded racial slur: “I don’t think he is consciously whipping up bigotry, but he is no fool and this is going to be seen through a racial prism,” David Greenberg, an

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17 Jan 2012

‘I Was a Teenage Janitor and Cleaner of Pots and Pans’

If you are anywhere near my age, you will remember the 1957 teenage horror films I Was A Teenage Frankenstein and  I Was a Teenage Werewolf, that starred Michael Landon of Little House on the Prairie fame. Well, I was a teenage custodian and cleaner of pots and pans, and

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06 Dec 2011

Welfare Recipient Lives in Million-Dollar Home

Not all welfare recipients live high on the hog, but there are so many loopholes in how welfare works and how welfare recipients are looked at by Leftist bureaucrats that the abuses are in the billions. We’ve just learned that families on food stamps (E.B.T.) can now buy fresh crab

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29 Nov 2011

Too Fat or Too Thin Means More Government

If you listen to liberals, children are starving in America. Of course, such a claim is to evoke guilt from the overfed who, I guess, subliminally are being accused of stealing food from the mouths of hungry children. It seems, however, that all the stories I read are abut fat

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