31 Jul 2018

What the Media Don’t Understand About the First Amendment

The media’s reporting on Trump is more than 90 percent negative. This doesn’t mean that it’s all wrong.

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09 Mar 2017

Was Obama’s Original Kenyan Birth Certificate Found? Is it a Hoax? Fake News?

This is a curious development. According to an article posted by The Gateway Pundit, Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate has been found. Hoax? Fake News? I don’t know. I’m always suspicious of these types of stories. Proceed with caution. I’m only reporting what has been reported: Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama tweeted

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27 Feb 2017

My Experience with Fake-News Journalism*

Fake News will most likely become the word of the year. Anytime there is a disagreement about this or that claimed fact or the positioning of a story, fake news will be the culprit. Of course, not every story a person disagrees with is fake news. At the same time, there

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