10 Oct 2015

Gun Control in the Third Reich: Learn the Lesson

There’s been a great deal of discussion about gun rights, gun confiscation, gun free zones, and the most controversial, if Jews had been armed in Germany during the Nazi Party’s rise to power, would it have made a difference? Dr. Ben Carson wrote in his new book A Perfect Union, “Through a

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13 Aug 2015

Black Pastors Attack Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger for Racist Views

While the media continue to ignore the Planned Parenthood videos, keeping the truth behind what the abortion provider really does hidden from people who continue to watch the failing establishment media, a number of new developments have taken place that might get some attention. The first is about a group

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10 Aug 2015

Megyn Kelly Compares Herself to Vladimir Putin

Megyn Kelly has responded to criticisms that her question of the GOP candidates in the debate last Thursday were silly, agenda-oriented, and possibly designed to take out Donald Trump. What the other Republican candidates wouldn’t do, Fox was trying to do. Here is Megyn Kelly’s response to the criticism: “We

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04 Mar 2015

Chuck Todd Asks Ben Carson How Religion and Science Can Coexist

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Dr. Ben Carson the following question: “You’re a famed neurosurgeon, the best — some say — the best pediatric neurosurgeon living in the world today. You’re a man of deep faith. Explain how science and religion, in your mind, co-exist.” Chuck Todd should be asking how

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02 Jun 2014

Racist Conservatives Pick Ted Cruz and Ben Carson in Presidential Straw Poll

Conservatives prove once again that they’re racists. Look what they just did, positive proof that Republicans and conservatives are at heart racially motivated in their political decisions. No doubt the Democrats will pull the ubiquitous race card again by making up some story about why the poll results turned out

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12 Oct 2013

Prominent Black Man Compares ObamaCare to Slavery and Communism

So-called black leaders have been comparing the rejection of ObamaCare to the rejection of a black president. To vote against ObamaCare is a vote against African Americans. That’s the liberal mantra. At the Values Voter Summit, Dr. Ben Carson told it like it is. ObamaCare “is slavery because it aims

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03 Oct 2013

Liberals Going Off the Rails Fearful GOP May Be Winning Argument

You can always tell when someone is losing an argument. He or she resorts to personal attacks and outrageous rhetoric. More often than not the tactic works since the general public is used to arguing in the same way. California Democrat congressman George Miller repeatedly accused his GOP colleagues of

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13 May 2012

Award-Winning Neurosurgeon Condemned by Major University for Not Believing in Evolution

Dr. Ben Carson is a nationally recognized neurosurgeon and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Carson does not believe in evolution. Since 1989, he has delivered 73 commencement speeches. This year, a number of faculty members and others at Emory University are upset that Dr. Carson will

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