11 Jul 2017

Liberal Elitist Says Conservatives Should Admire Elites and You’re An Idiot if You Don’t

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens wrote an article that was published on Independence Day where he described Donald Trump’s supporters as “idiots” who should “admire” elites. Of course, Stephens is one of the elites we should admire otherwise how would we know who to support if he weren’t elitist

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13 Feb 2015

Howard Dean Says Scott Walker is ‘Unknowledgeable’ and Not Qualified to be President

Isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden liberals are interested in the college careers of presidential candidates? Where was all this interest when Barack Obama was running for president? Have we ever seen a transcript? Obama has never released his college records. Now that two-time elected Governor Scott Walker

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09 Aug 2014

How We Got Here: From World War I to Today

The twentieth century began on an optimistic note but quickly lost its idealism as war engulfed the world. World War I “shattered much of Europe’s already fading optimism, and the advent of Nazis and fascists shook men’s confidence in their present and their past.”1 Despite a bloody world war, belief

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03 Oct 2013

Liberals Going Off the Rails Fearful GOP May Be Winning Argument

You can always tell when someone is losing an argument. He or she resorts to personal attacks and outrageous rhetoric. More often than not the tactic works since the general public is used to arguing in the same way. California Democrat congressman George Miller repeatedly accused his GOP colleagues of

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