25 Apr 2014

Cliven Bundy, “the Negro,” and the Liberal Attack Machine

It didn’t take long before the liberal media went on the attack against Cliven Bundy, especially when they found something that was racial. According to Adam Nagourney at the New York Times, here’s what Bundy had to say in an edited version of his comments: “I want to tell you

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19 Apr 2014

Facebook Deletes Pro-Cliven Bundy Comments

The following offensive text was considered by someone at Facebook to be inappropriate. It was posted by Todd Starnes of Fox News: “Rancher Bundy should’ve told the feds that those were Mexican cows – who came across the border illegally to seek better grazing opportunities. It was an act of

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16 Apr 2014

The Phone Call Bureau of Land Management Probably Got from the White House

Most people who were following the federal government’s power play in Nevada against Cliven Bundy were surprised and elated that the government suddenly backed off from their assault. They’ll be back but most likely not until after the 2014 election. In fact, they may wait until after 2016. Government employees

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12 Apr 2014

UPDATE: Why the BLM is Standing Down in Cliven Bundy Dispute

UPDATE: “According to Infowars reporter David Knight, who is on location, the BLM is standing down and will be releasing Cliven Bundy’s cattle shortly. This comes after reports stating that feds were ready to fire on protesters if they attempted to seize the rancher’s cattle.” Why? There’s a good possibility

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