19 Jun 2012

Should Christians Disengage from Politics?

Every political year, religion becomes an issue. Its always been that way. There’s no escaping it. Everybody is religious. Every law on the books is an application of someone’s view of morality. What is the basis of that morality? It’s got to come from somewhere. Foundationally, it’s the basis of

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16 Feb 2012

Richard Dawkins Claims Religion Now ‘Irrelevant’ in UK

Richard Dawkins is the atheist that keeps on giving. Every time he opens his mouth, he spews out absurdities that allow me to write articles about them. The world renowned atheist is excited that there has been such a dramatic religious shift in the United Kingdom that religion is now

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08 Feb 2012

I’m Glad ‘God’ Was Removed from Air Force Patch

A reference to God that appears on the patch logo for the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) has been removed. The patch logo was changed after a military atheist group, the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, protested the reference to God. The patch had a saying on it

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20 Dec 2011

Hitler’s War on Christmas

Every December a battle ensues over the acknowledgement that the 25th is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s called Christmas. Retailers who make a boat load of money during the Christmas season have tried to walk the narrow line of political correctness by using the less religious

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17 Oct 2011

You Can’t Beat Something with Nothing

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd that President Obama is supporting without reservation is a diverse and scary group of malcontents. We’ve learned that Nazi and Communist groups have embraced the movement, but for different reasons. “The Nazis equate capitalism, which the demonstrators are opposed to, to their hallucinations of

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05 Oct 2011

Are There 28 Atheists in Congress?

The Secular Coalition of America, an atheist group based in Washington, D.C., says there are 28 members of Congress who are atheists. Only one lawmaker on Capitol Hill, Rep. Pete Stark of California, publicly acknowledges that he does not believe in God. But, said SCA President Herb Silverman, in remarks

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25 Sep 2011

Atheist Takes City to Court Over Seal with Cross

Rob Sherman is an atheist. Any time he sees a reference to religion, mostly the Christian religion, he springs into action. This time his action is directed against the city of Zion, Ill., for using a banned version of the city seal that displays the design Zion’s evangelical founder selected,

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16 Sep 2011

John Lennon: Republican? Theist? Anti-Evolutionist?

Former theist and now self-avowed atheist Dan Barker, who is co-president of the Freedom of Religion Foundation, promoted a “Beware of Dogma” campaign using billboards that also included the line “Imagine No Religion,” borrowed from John Lennon’s atheist national anthem “Imagine.” I wonder if the FRF’s call for everyone to

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13 Jun 2011

Do Conservatives Need Ayn Rand?

Shortly after Congressman Paul Ryan’s appearance at the 2011 Faith and Freedom Conference in D.C., a Bible-waving protester confronted the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and questioned him for modeling his proposed budget after “the extreme ideology of Ayn Rand rather than the basic economic justice values of the

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