If Superman Can Save Some Immigrants Why Can’t He Dismantle North Korea’s Nuclear Facilities?

Superman is America’s iconic superhero. He appeared on the comic scene in Action Comics #1 in June 1938. If you have this issue, you could be a millionaire. “On August 24, 2014, a copy graded 9.0 by CGC was sold on eBay for $3,207,852.”

The Superman character has been about “truth, justice, and the American way.” Superman has never been just about America. That’s a good thing. Unfortunatley, Superman is now a “citizen of the world,” whatever that means.

Of course, there is no Superman. He is the extension of a script writer’s imagination and an artist’s visual interpretation.

It’s not an actual Superman protecting illegal aliens making a political statement; it’s the person writing the script. Superman’s words and the interpretation of those ideas belong to the writer and the artist and possibly an editorial board.

There is no real Superman!

The latest interpretive dustup is about Superman saving some immigrants from a very bad guy who’s wearing an American flag bandana. Good for Superman. Does it matter that the victims are immigrants, legal or illegal? Wouldn’t Superman save anyone? Wouldn’t you? You would not turn your back on some immigrants if they were about to be killed if you were bulletproof. Would you even ask if they were in the United States legally? Of course, you wouldn’t.

The two-page spread is one of the most heavy-handed propaganda pieces I’ve ever seen in a comic book, and there have been a lot of them. If you want to see the same-sex agenda being pushed, read a few comics from DC and Marvel.

Here’s the first panel:

The crazed gunman is upset because he believes these immigrants took his job away. Are there any examples in the news where someone like this guy killed some immigrants over a job? We do know that a crazed gun-toting Democrat shot some Republican Congressmen who were practicing for a baseball game. Why no two-panel-spread of that incident? It actually happened!

Here’s the second panel:

Where were the Superman writers when illegal aliens killed and raped American citizens? Here’s a list of some of them. Maybe in the next issue of Superman. Don’t hold your breath.

If Superman has thas the time to save a group of immigrants from some fictional lunatic, why isn’t he dismantling North Korea’s nuclear program?

By the way, in the Superman films, Superman fought and exiled some criminal aliens. Not all aliens were accepted, even by Superman.

There was a time when comic books actually depicted their characters fighting the bad guys.

What’s often mixed with this type of propaganda is that Superman is an illegal alien and has been welcomed to the United States by all Americans. At least the Kent family didn’t turn the baby Kal-El over to the government to be “cared for.” The Kents paid for Clark’s food, shelter, and clothing out of their own pocket.

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