It’s Strange that Trump Has Endorsed Luther Strange in Alabama Senate Race

When the choice was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for President in 2016, I supported Trump and encouraged others to do the same. At the same time, I made it clear that Trump would do things that would disappoint us, but far fewer things than Hillary.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why he has not cleaned house by removing every Obama holdover. It should have happened on his first day on the job. “You’re fired! You’re fired. You’re fired. You’re fired.”

Here’s what I wrote in my May 16, 2017, article, “IT’S TIME FOR TRUMP TO FIRE EVERYONE AND START OVER“:

Trump’s presidency is being sabotaged from the inside and is being aided and abetted by the GOP establishment. It’s time to clean house to catch the opposition off guard.

There’s a scene from the film The Untouchables that he could take a lesson from. Al Capone is on trial for tax evasion, the only crime they could pin on him. There was a jury trial. Eliot Ness finds out that the jury is compromised. It had been bought off by Capone.

The judge, most likely also on Capone’s payroll, wants to save his career by not being exposed even though his name is not on this particular list. So he makes a split-second decision and switches the existing jury with a sitting jury in another courtroom not having anything to do with the Capone case. (It didn’t happen exactly the way it was depicted in the film, but there was a jury switch.)

Then there’s H. R. McMaster whose views and associations are contrary to everything Trump said he would do. I don’t get it. Is this some kind of Trump “strategery” that we’re not being made aware of?

Then there’s Trump endorsement of Luther Strange who is running for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat. When Trump appointed Sessions to Attorney General, his seat became available and was filled by an appointment by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley who had to resign from office because of a scandal.

In short, Bentley’s appointment of Strange stunk up Montgomery so bad that we now have to pay $15 million just to throw open the windows and clear the stench out [with a special election].

As attorney general, Strange was overseeing an investigation of the governor at the same time he was soliciting the appointment from the governor. It’s a clear conflict of interest, and to just about everybody looking from the outside in, it reeked of rotten politics.


No matter if there was a quid pro quo, it is inappropriate for any prosecutor to seek a favor or thing of value from someone he’s investigating. Period.

Regardless of how the appointment worked, Strange and Bentley both walked away from the deal looking like crooks. (AL.com)

If Trump wants to drain the swamp, then the only candidate running for Sessions’ old Senate seat who will work with him to do it is Judge Roy Moore. Surprisingly, the Tea Party Patriots, led by Jenny Beth Martin, is supporting Mo Brooks, who “is a latecomer to supporting Trump, having backed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the primaries — during which he attacked then-candidate Trump.” (Breitbart)

Brooks is better than Strange, but Moore is better than Brooks.

And get this, National Right to Life has endorsed Strange over Brooks and Moore. For many, the National Right to Life organization has been compromised. Here’s how one Moore supporter stated it: “And you know why [National Right to Life endorsed Strange]? Because Judge #RoyMoore wants to abolish abortion while #StrangeLuther wants to keep that old pro-life wagon a-rolling along.” (Christian News)

Strange is the Establishment candidate. He’s backed by McConnell and has Establishment money behind him. I listened to Breitbart Saturday morning on SiriusXM. Moore and Brooks were interviewed. So far, Strange has not agreed to appear.

If you live in Alabama and want to drain the swamp, vote for Moore.

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