How to stop the Democrat Attack on Jeff Sessions

The Democrats (and some Republicans) are trying to get rid of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General before he even gets started.

Democrats know how to fight, obfuscate, and demean. They get away with these tactics because the Republicans refuse to fight back. Republicans like John McCain have been harder on Pres. Trump than they ever were on Obama. Most Democrats don’t have any real constitutional principles. They are pragmatists who pay more attention to the way the populace wind blows than the Constitution they took an oath to uphold.

After Trump’s successful message to the joint members of Congress, the Democrats (and some Republicans) had to put out the fire of enthusiasm before it spread. I mean, even Van Jones thought Trump did a great job as did the majority of people polled on CNN.

The way to stop the Trump train is to throw an obstacle on the tracks. That obstacle or diversion is the call for Jeff Sessions to resign.

Here’s what I would do. I would call a press conference and give Congress an option. Call for a vote for who wants Sessions to resign and who wants him to stay. If a majority says they want to stay, close the books on the issue and move on.

If the majority votes for him to resign, explain what will happen next:

  1. Jeff Sessions will return to the Senate.
  2. The new Attorney General will be Sen. Ted Cruz.

Take a second vote.

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