Starbucks CEO Puts Company Behind Washington State’s Pro-‘Gay’ Marriage Bill

Will you still drink Starbucks coffee knowing that the coffee empire’s CEO has put the company squarely behind Washington state’s pro-homosexual marriage bill? Since I don’t drink coffee – never had a cup since when I was 9-years old I took a swig of some cold coffee that someone had put their cigarette out in – I can’t NOT stop drinking Starbucks. So it’s all up to you Starbucks caffeine junkies to make a statement.

At the end of the company’s latest shareholder meeting, shareholder Tom Strohbar, founder of The Corporate Morality Action Center, confronted the company for its pro-homosexual policies — including support for homosexual marriage.

“What concerns me,” Strohbar stated, “is possible economic boycotts, shareholder resolutions, things that might affect the sales of our company, the earnings. Is it prudent to risk the economic interests of all the shareholders for something that might affect the private lives of a very small percentage of our employees?”

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz dismissed Strobar’s concerns. Here’s what Schtltz had to say:

“We believe it’s defensible – but we’re not reaching that decision to in any way offend you or anyone else. And I would say candidly, since we made that decision there has not been any dilution whatsoever in our business.”

I suspect that not many people know about Starbuck’s defense of all things homosexual. Well now you do. If you want more information on the boycott, go to the “Dump Starbucks” campaign.

Years ago my wife and I stopped shopping at Home Depot because of the company’s support of homosexuality. In 2009 and 2010, Home Depot sponsored and marched in at least 16 separate “gay” pride events. After the boycott that was started by the American Family Association, Home Depot’s participation dropped to just four events in 2011.

The boycott has had an effect on Home Depot’s business. In January of this year, Home Depot said that it was going to stop participating in the parades and ordered any employees who attended a parade not to wear their orange aprons. The sincerity of the charge in heart has been question by AFA:

It could be that the homosexual groups have agreed with Home Depot to simply remain silent, continuing to get money from Home Depot but agreeing not to publicly acknowledge Home Depot’s support.

So the boycott is still on. That’s why we shop at Lowes.

It might be a nice gesture to find another caffeine outlet. Starbucks sells awfully expensive colored water. Think how money you would save at $2.00+ for coffee alone not counting all the fancy creams, shots, espressos, etc. You’re probably looking at close to a thousand dollars a year if you’re a regular junkie. Over 20 years that’s $20,000.

You can swear off the stuff like I did. Get yourself a cup of coffee. Find a cigarette butt at a busy intersection where people empty their ashtrays (what’s that all about?), plop it in the brew, and let it sit for a few hours – then take a swig. You’ll never think about drinking the stuff again.

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