Six Years and Two Voter Maps: The Great Political Shift

The 2014 election has become a huge story. It’s so big that liberals don’t know what to think of it. They’ve had to throw away all their pre-written scripts, go off teleprompter, and come up with a new narrative.

They are dazed and confused.

“Tennis Channel CEO Ken Solomon told the Hollywood Reporter that progressives saw the landslide coming and Barbra Streisand sent out a last minute donation plea. ‘It was the worst election map since Eisenhower,’ Solomon said. ‘We all put on our body armor and were waiting for this explosion. Now we just need to move forward.’”

Their false messiah was dethroned. Like worker bees that have lost their queen, they don’t know what to do. Their is no queen bee to replace her. they can’t even swarm. they are left with Hillary Clinton, Crazy Joe Biden, or ultra-leftist Elizabeth Warren.

There are those in the Democrat Party who are arguing that the party needs to go further Left and embrace the radical message of Sen. Warren.

I hope the Democrats go for it. it might be the best thing for the nation. A final showdown — a crossroads decision for the ages — a political cage fight for the time.

Let’s get ready to rumble. will the GOP be ready?

The following two maps might put them over the edge. This first map depicts the voter spread in 2008 for the House of Representatives: Blue = Democrats and Red = Republicans:

Now we come to the 2014 voter map:

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