It Seems The Brains of these Three GOP Senators Have Transitioned into Insanity Over Transgenderism

Explain to me what McCain’s cancer has to do with his crazy political positions? He’s just come out in favor of allowing mentally ill people into the military, men who believe they are women, and women who believe they are men. Senators Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) have joined McCain in opposing a sane military, medical, and moral determination announced by Pres. Trump that so-called transgender soldiers should be permitted to serve in the military.

What is wrong with these people? Blacks suffered the indignities of segregation because of the color of their skin, not because they identified as black when they could have identified as white. Transgenderism is not the same as a person’s race or sex, of which there are only two as this preschool child in Kindergarten Cop knew:

There is no such thing as transgenderism. It’s a mental disorder. If a person must lop off his penis and take hormones to transition into a woman, there is something mentally wrong with that person.

Not only did former Pres. Obama permit this nonsense, he also wanted you and me to pay for the surgical procedures of these mentally ill people. The cost is in the billions! Instead of fixing the VA hospitals, money is being used to change the sexual identities of men and women. One has to wonder if some of these individuals have joined the military in order to get free transgender surgery. It’s shocking to find out that there are 15,000 transgenders in the military.

Check out the list of all the medical issues that will keep you out of the military

If they want to serve in the military, then they need to serve with their penises and breasts intact.

I want McCain, Shelby, and Hatch to comment on the following: “Not all women have vaginas and not all people with Vaginas are women.”

Is this what students today are being taught in biology class? Is this what the three senatorial stooges were taught? If this was a test question, how would they answer? True or False?

When a doctor examines a man, should he ask if he has a vagina so as not to discriminate or offend?

Would McCain have followed a General into battle if he identified as George Patton? Should Teddy Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace have been taken to the insane asylum because he identified as Teddy Roosevelt?

It’s no wonder that the GOP has no real-world solutions to our nation’s problems. Their brains are in transition.

McCain is politically unbalanced. He believes the US Senate is like the Roman Senate — the final arbiter of what’s wise, wonderful, and right. He despises criticism from anyone not in his political class. Take note of his comments in his Senate speech after his brain surgery:

“Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the Internet. To hell with them. They don’t want anything done for the public good. Our incapacity is their livelihood.”

No, your votes lead to the deaths of thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of civilians in immoral and unconstitutional wars. Your government programs rob people of their hard earned money and keep the recipients of those stolen dollars beholden to the State to keep you in political office for you own good and livelihood. Your attack on free speech is designed to stifle criticism of your political crimes and those who applauded your comments.

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