Race Baiters Hate Conservatives Who Support Black Woman Whose Business was Attacked

“Racist” is the word liberals use to shut off debate. When they are losing the argument, they pull the race card.

Everything any white person does is racist. Whites can’t help being racists. They are white. To add to the indictment, a new race card has been pulled. It’s called “white privilege.”

The problem with these wholesale indictments of white-ism is that it’s not true in actual practice. For example:

“A group of four black Ferguson residents reportedly armed themselves and descended upon a white-owned business following a grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. But unlike many of the Ferguson demonstrators, the armed men were there to protect the business, not destroy it in protest.

“The men told the Las Vegas Review Journal that they feel indebted to the white store owner, Doug Merello, who has given them employment over the years.

“‘We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them,’ Morello said following the Ferguson riots. The business is a Conoco gas station and convenience store first bought by Morello’s father in 1984.”

Ferguson_white police Officer

Then there’s the heartbreaking story of Natalie Dubose and her newly established cake business that was attacked by rioters in Ferguson, Missouri. The rioters were black, and so is Natalie.

When word of her story got out, people of good will all over the world wanted to help. She needed money to repair the damage to her bakery. The donations exceeded anybody’s expectations.

The latest report is that $230,000 has been donated. Here’s what Rush Limbaugh said on his November 26th show:

“Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and give the link.  If you would like to donate to Natalie Dubose, it’s Now, what’s happening here, it’s up to $101,000 right now, and there are a lot of Tea Party sites that are promoting fundraising for her — you know, these evil racist Republicans?  Yeah. Yeah, Tea Party types. Oh, you know those.  I mean, school shooter types, yeah, yeah, Brian Ross, yeah. These evil, mean-spirited Tea Party types. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

“The Tea Party wasn’t in Ferguson, by the way.  The Tea Party didn’t torch a thing. The Tea Party didn’t blow up any at any point in time, didn’t aim gunfire at anybody. The Tea Party was not there when Ferguson was victimized by barbaric behavior.”

So what did Natalie Dubose do to blacks to deserve to have her newly created business attacked? Nothing. Was it white privilege? It couldn’t be because Natalie is black. Contrary to the race baiters, most people don’t care about color. They see people, and when they see somebody hurt through no fault of their own, the respond:

“A poor woman saved up everything to open her cake store in Ferguson. She’s African-American and she had nothing to do with any of this that went down, but her store got destroyed.”

Race baiters do not want racial progress. People like Al Sharpton were happy that police officer Darren Wilson was not indicted, and they hate stories about black people like Natalie Dubose since they blemish the claim that all whites are racists.

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