Questions I Would ask Judge Kavanaugh’s Accuser

Since the reliability of the testimony of Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser is crucial to the accusation she has leveled against him, a series of fact-based questions should be asked. The memory of an event that goes back 36 years needs to have some supporting reliable evidence.

Christine Blasey Ford and the Democrats are calling for an investigation before she will testify. Since she’s the key witness, I don’t see why an outside investigation is necessary, at least not until she answers some specific questions about the alleged incident. She either knows what happens or she doesn’t.

Democrat Senator Kristen Gillibrand (R-NY) said that refusing to support an FBI investigation about Ford’s claims is “silencing her.” Here’s Sen. Gillibrand’s tweet:

Denying Dr. Ford an FBI investigation is silencing her. Forcing her into a sham hearing is silencing her. And pushing through Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation is silencing her.

How is giving Dr. Ford an opportunity to present her case in an open forum silencing her? She has been given every opportunity to speak about her claim.

The following questions are designed to gather enough fact-based information to help determine the reliability of the person making the chargers.

Lauren DeBellis Appell writes:

Ford is leveling a bombshell allegation at a man who – from what we know – has led an exemplary life. There are big holes in her story and they need to be scrutinized and examined; not in a made-for-TV kind of way, but in a serious way.

The following questions are not designed to find a possible motive or accuse Ford of anything. While motive is an important consideration, the following questions are not motive-based.


What year did the alleged assault take place? You must know the answer to this since you say you were 15.

In what month of that year did the alleged assault take place?

What day of that month did it take place?

These are crucial questions. If a specific year, month, day, and time can be ascertained, then it’s possible that Brett Kavanaugh could support his contention that he was not at the party because he might have verifiable evidence that he was elsewhere with other people who could corroborate his testimony.

What was the weather like?

Can you describe any particular historical event that was in the news during the time of the party?

Did your parents know you were going to the party?

Did any of your friends know you were going to the party?

Who did you tell you were going to the party?

How did you hear about the party?

Who told you about the party?

Were you invited to the party?

Did you go alone?

Did you drive?

What time did you get there?

What was the location of the party?

Did you have any alcohol to drink?

How much alcohol did you have to drink?

Did you engage in any consensual intimate contact with anyone at the party?

Was there music playing?

Can you identify any of the music?

Was it a private residence?

Who owned the home?

In what county was the home located?

What city?

Were the homeowners present during the party?

How many people attended the party?

Do you remember any of their names?

Did you know Brett Kavanaugh before you went to the party?

When did you leave?

Did you leave alone?

Where did you go after you left?

Did you tell anyone about the alleged assault?

Did your parents suspect that something was wrong when you came home?

Are your parents alive?

If they are, can they shed any light on the party related to the date?

How were you dressed?

What color was the outfit you were wearing?

Was your swimming suit removed in the alleged assault?

What was Brett Kavanaugh wearing?

Was the light on or off in the room where the alleged assault took place?

Was the handle on the door to the room a knob or a lever?

Did the door open in or out?

In the 36 years since the assault, other than your marriage therapy sessions in 2012, did you confide in anyone else about the alleged assault?

There have been reports that there are some discrepancies in what you describe in your 2012 marriage therapy sessions and what you are saying today. Can you clear them up?

Did you mention to your marriage therapist that it was Brett Kavanaugh who assaulted you?

Is it possible that you confused Brett Kavanaugh with someone else?

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