The Political Left is Falling Apart and the Republicans Aren’t taking Advantage of It

Everywhere you turn, Leftism is crumbling. Leftism’s advocates have been pushing the extremes of their positions and the American people have taken notice and responded well. A majority of people do not like multi-millionaire athletes ruining the sport of football with their protests. As I’ve written elsewhere, they have every right to protest, but they need to do it on their own time and dime.

Statistics show that professional football has dropped in popularity as America’s favorite sport. The Hill reports:

Just 42 percent of males aged 34-54 had a favorable view of the NFL in September, a 31-point drop from the 73 percent reported in the same poll in August.

Football now has the highest unfavorable rating of any major sport in the survey.

A drop in favorability is a drop in revenue. This does not bode well for the industry. There’s a ripple effect that affects many down-stream industries – from apparel manufacturers to snack and beverage sales. It’s an indicator of the mood of a significant demographic.

Because Trump was outspoken on the topic as well as VP Pence, the never-Trumpers in the GOP have been relatively silent. They so despise Trump that they are willing to pass up opportunities to score points with a large voting demographic.

Trump knew what to do. He took to Twitter and slammed ESPN’s Jemele Hill who last month called Trump a “white supremacist” and last week called for a boycott of Dallas Cowboys advertisers.

“With Jemele Hill at the mike [sic] it is no wonder ESPN ratings have ‘tanked,’ in fact, tanked so badly it is the talk of the industry!” Trump tweeted.

Trump also threatened “to end the ‘massive tax breaks’ for the football league.” Congress should have done this a long time ago…. Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!”

Now that’s a vote getter! Let’s see what the GOP does.

When Republican congressmen were targeted by a self-professed Leftist Democrat, the GOP did not take advantage. You and I know that if the shooter had been a self-identified Republican, we would still be hearing about it. But not long after the shooting, the story had been dropped by the mainstream media. They picked up right where they left off – attacking Trump and Trump supporters. And the GOP said nothing.

The latest Leftist debacle relates to stories we’re hearing about big Democrat donor ($650,000 since the 1990s) and Clinton and Obama friend, Harvey Weinstein (a frequent visitor to the White House). With all their talk about women’s rights and sexual harassment, the Democrats had a fox in the henhouse. There’s good reason to believe that people in Hollywood knew about Weinstein’s actions and said nothing. The Obamas and Clintons so far have remained silent, as CNN reports:

[F]ormer Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — all of whom have longstanding ties to Weinstein, a major Democratic Party fundraiser — have not publicly addressed the accusations.

They need the time to figure out how to spin their answer so as not to make them look bad.

Where’s the GOP? Of course, the Democrats will compare what Weinstein is accused off with Trump’s comments about women. Fair enough. But the Democrats are supposed to be champions of women. What are the Democrats doing? Donating Weinstein money to women’s groups. What will Hollywood do? Sweep it under the rug so further investigations won’t take place, including reports of pedophilia. The goal is to get the story off the front page as quickly as possible.

And will the GOP take advantage of this issue? Don’t hold your breath.

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