Planned Parenthood’s Bloody Business About to be Exposed

In my article “What if Nazis Had Sued Jewish Film Crew for Secretly Filming Nazi Death Camps?” a number of people who commented claimed that the videos had been edited in such a way that distorted the operations of Planned Parenthood (PP) facilities.

If this was the case, PP would be suing for libel. They are not. If the PP videos produced by The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) had proven to be edited in a defamatory way, the national media would have been all over the story with examples from the videos. As far as I’ve been able to see, there has been very little reporting on the actual videos.

“The media are oddly turning a blind-eye to their friend, Planned Parenthood, suing the Center for Medical Progress. But then again, they have censored this whole story from the beginning.” (H/T: Newsbusters)

What’s been the response from CMP?:

“‘Game on,’ David Daleiden responded shortly after Planned Parenthood announced the lawsuit. ‘I look forward to deposing all the CEOs, Medical Directors, and their co-conspirators who participated in Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby body parts racket.'”

PP had essentially gotten away with their blood lust because of a compliant media and a very pro-abortion administration. Even the majority of Republicans didn’t put up much of a fight. The GOP passed the Omnibus Bill that gave PP $500 million money stolen from taxpayers.

PP should have kept its mouth shut, but now it must go through the process of discovery.

The following is from Marissa Poulson, Senior Web Writer for Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization worthy of your financial support. It lays out some of the legal and public relations pitfalls for PP.


Planned Parenthood just filed a federal lawsuit against The Center for Medical Progress (CMP). And guess what . . . this isn’t terrible news!

Not only does this lawsuit get the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s dirty dealings in the apparent sale of baby parts back in the spotlight, but it also means that there may be more investigation into Planned Parenthood (as part of the discovery process). Until then, there are already glaring issues with Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit, five of which I’ve laid out for you below.

1. The videos have been authenticated and are available in their entirety online.

Planned Parenthood’s press release about the lawsuit refers to the videos as “discredited” multiple times and describes them as “deceptively edited.” Just one problem — they’ve already been authenticated. Forensic analysis of the undercover videos by Coalfire Systems, a highly accredited forensic analysis and cybersecurity company that does work for Fortune 500 companies, determines that the videos are authentic, with no evidence of manipulation.

I know, I know . . . it’s a major bummer for Planned Parenthood’s favorite talking point, but the fact remains that if you have access to YouTube, you have access to the whole truth about CMP’s investigation of Planned Parenthood. The full versions of every video (many hours long) are available there. The only parts missing are moments like David Daleiden going to the bathroom. Thankfully, Daleiden chose not to share those moments with the world, but the good folks at Coalfire reviewed them so you don’t have to.

2. Taking hours of video and condensing it into digestible snippets is not illegal.

Planned Parenthood also complains that CMP “spliced together shards of long conversations to create short videos in order to spread false claims that Planned Parenthood ‘sells’ or profits from women’s decisions to donate fetal tissue for medical research.” Okay, first of all, taking hours of video footage and cutting it down into digestible (in this case, more like stomach-turning) snippets is not illegal. The media does it all the time. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Katie Couric’s interview with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards did just that.

Besides, if the Planned Parenthood officials didn’t have so many great (and by great, I mean completely repulsive) one-liners, then these videos wouldn’t be so damaging to their public image. Think: “I want a Lamborghini!” and “It’s a boy!” and “It’s all just a matter of line items” and “Everything we provide is fresh” and . . . well, you get the picture. And again, CMP has released the full videos.

3. Planned Parenthood has admitted to taking money for “fetal tissue.”

On October 13, 2015, Planned Parenthood announced it would stop accepting money for baby body parts. But in their press release, Planned Parenthood claims they “never sold fetal tissue or facilitated fetal tissue donation in order to make a profit.”

Let’s try to forget for a moment that actual video footage exists of Planned Parenthood executives and abortionists haggling over the price of baby parts. As well as the fact that in her letter to Congress, Cecile Richards admitted that Planned Parenthood had received a “reimbursement of $60 per tissue specimen.” And, of course, that its partner Stem Express publicly advertised that it would provide “fiscal rewards” and a “financial benefit” to abortion clinics in flyers, bearing the endorsement of Planned Parenthood officials.

Even without all that evidence, the question remains: Why would an organization that claims to be doing nothing wrong stop doing the thing they say isn’t wrong? Yeah, I’m confused too.

To read the rest of the article go to Alliance Defending Freedom

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