People Fight Back when Judge Rules Against Cake Chef Jack Phillips

Homosexual bullying and judicial tyranny may have reached a tipping point as hundreds of people turned out to support Jack Phillips who was told by an administrative law judge with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that he had to make a cake for a homosexual couple or be fined or maybe even spend time in jail.

While most people are willing to let people do what they want behind closed doors, they get incensed when people force others to comply with their beliefs and practices by suing them:

“Phillips made national news in 2012 when he refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, claiming it violated his Christian beliefs. The couple sued him, and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint on their behalf.

“Last week, administrative law judge Robert Spencer made a ruling on the case. He said Phillips would have to sell gay couples wedding cakes or risk facing penalties and fines.”

This isn’t the first time a judge has ruled against business owners that refuse to service people who engage in activities that they consider immoral. It’s a trend that many people are finally taking note of and protesting against.

The long lines of people in support at Masterpiece Cakeshop is a hopeful sign that people are fed up with leftist judges who walk all over our rights. Not only did the supporters of Mr. Phillips purchase cakes, but they made donations. When people are willing to donate money to a cause, you know they’re ticked off.

Freedom of expression and conscious is a two-way street. If the homosexual “couple” didn’t like Mr. Phillips’ beliefs, then they should have taken their business elsewhere. Mr. Phillips gets to run his business unmolested by a minority of a minority backed by unconstitutional laws and the homosexuals can still buy a cake.

The most infuriated aspect of this case is that an amendment was approved by Colorado voters in 2006 that defined marriage as only a union between one man and one woman.

But even if this provision was not in Colorado’s constitution, why should Mr. Phillips be compelled to do something that goes against his religious beliefs? I’ll go further. Why should anybody — religious or not — be forced to do business with anybody no matter what the reason? CNN refused to hire people that smoked. This was a decision based on behavior.

Would it be wrong for a black business owner who did specialized tailoring to refuse to make KKK outfits for a Klan rally? Would people believe the black man was discriminating? I don’t think so.

How about a Jewish owner of a printing company that refuses to print fliers or make Swastika placards for an upcoming demonstration by Neo-Nazis to protest the building of a new synagogue?

Have you ever noticed the signs that the people from the Westboro Baptist Church carry? They look homemade because no printer wants to be identified with the group.

The people of America are getting fed up and are beginning to speak up:

“I’ve never been here before. I came today because of this cause. This guy has rights; he has freedoms; he’s allowed to do what he wants to do as long as it doesn’t hurt other people,” Rich Wyatt said. “America’s in a difficult position right now, and we’re losing rights every day that we can’t afford to lose. I’m proud to see Americans coming out today and supporting this guy’s rights to make a cake for whoever he wants to make a cake, or not.”

It’s time to fight back before it’s too late. It may be cakes today; but it could be your children tomorrow if you teach them what Jack Phillips believes.

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