One More Reason to Vote for Cruz: John McCain Doesn’t Like Him

John McCain had his chance. He ran for President and lost. Most conservatives held their nose and voted for him because the alternative was too horrible to contemplate.

President Obama has lived up to the horror. McCain would have been better, but he still would have frustrated the hell out of conservative if he had won. There’s a good chance, however, that we would not have the so-called Affordable Care Act and two new pro-homosexual and pro-abortion Supreme Court Justices.

It seems, however, that John McCain has spent the last seven years spoiling whatever goodwill he has had with conservatives.

His latest betrayal is his opinions on the latest crop of GOP presidential candidates. The man is clueless. He believes in “loyalty” over sound constitutional principles and an oath to uphold them. He admires Chris Christie for his “gumption),” Marco Rubio, John Kasich and says that Lindsey Graham is ‘like a brother’ to him.

Looks like a ringing endorsement for Ted Cruz.


Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says his Senate colleague Ted Cruz is the Republican presidential hopeful with whom he has the sharpest disagreement and singled out the Texan’s vote against the National Defense Authorization Act as the chief reason.

During a discussion of this year’s 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls, Newsmax asked McCain which three he felt had the best records on national security and which three had the worst.

“I don’t like to duck a question,” he replied, with a laugh, and restated his support for South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

McCain, who is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, said: “Lindsey is like a brother to me. I believe in loyalty and I will stay with him until he achieves success or failure [in his presidential campaign].”

Although he didn’t specifically address their records on national security, McCain said he admires “[New Jersey Gov.] Chris Christie for his gumption and [Florida Sen.] Marco Rubio, particularly for his stands on national security issues. He’s part of a new generation of Republican leaders.”

He also voiced admiration for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, “with whom I first came to the House [in 1982] and who has been a very successful governor in a strong [electoral vote-wise] state.”

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