Obama: “We must educate our children to become like young Egyptian people”

I received the following email from a couple who just returned from a trip to the Middle East:

“My husband and I just came back from the Middle East. As we arrived in Cairo, going down the mechanical stairs to go to the baggage claim area, there’s this big poster which reads: “We must educate our children to become like young Egyptian people.” President of the USA, Barack Obama

“I liked to choke. I could not believe my eyes. Had to go back and climb the stairs in order to take the picture. Could not leave the place without it!”

I don’t know when and where President Obama said this, but it’s rather ironic given what we see happening in Cairo today. Muslim children are being taught to hate America. Many of them are being brainwashed to be ideological terrorists. Ideological terrorists become objective terrorists believing they are acting in accordance with their religious worldview. A tenet of their religion is to advance Islam by any means possible even if it requires violence.

The truth is, the children will one day act like their parents. This is not to say that every child will act in a violent way, but enough of them will, and they will intimidate those who do not follow the revolutionary road.

Terrorism becomes a substitute for advancing civilization through hard work, innovation, free trade, government limitation, and religious freedom.

The only people in the United States who have time to protest in the streets — the Occupy Movement — are the disenchanted who feed on envy. Like the Islamists, they can only destroy what they can’t have. When the fires cool and their “enemies” have been defeated, what will they do to rebuild? They don’t have a worldview that works. Islamists and Occupiers are dependent on the very worldviews they work so hard to destroy.

President Obama believes that a mythical Islamic Renaissance would emerge Phoenix-like from the ashes of an Arab Spring. It will never happen.

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