Noted Feminist Declares that Bruce Jenner Ain’t No Woman

Who would have thought that the day would come that I would agree with something noted feminist author Germaine Greer said? But that day has come:

“Australian-born academic and writer Germaine Greer has said that in her opinion, transgender women are ‘not women.’

“She also claims that ‘a great many women’ who are not transgender think transgender women — who she refers to as ‘male to female transgender people’ — do not ‘look like, sound like or behave like women.'”

I would add, and can’t reproduce like women.

Greer broke onto the feminist scene with her first book, The Female Eunuch (1970).

Greer stated the obvious in her comments about the so-called transgendered. In another interview, Greer made the point that most women agree with her “but they dare not say so.”

Greer has become Captain Obvious. If so-called transgenders aren’t their opposites because they do not “behave like women,” then why can’t we argue that people who engage in same-sex relationships can’t be normalized either because they are not behaving as their anatomical parts dictate?

And because Germaine Greer stated the obvious, and the obvious contradicts the new sexual narrative that sexuality is “fluid,” there ware those within the feminist camp who want her silenced.

“As a result of  [her comments], the women’s officer at Cardiff University, Rachael Melhuish, has called for Greer to be no-platformed – Melhuish’s petition asks specifically that a lecture Greer was booked to give be cancelled, since she has ‘demonstrated misogynistic views towards trans women, including continually misgendering trans women and denying the existence of transphobia altogether.'”

The Left has always been about restricting contrary opinions. They’re doing it with “climate change,” the creation-evolution debate, and same-sex sexuality.

While Cardiff University ruled that the lecture should go ahead, in the interests of free speech, it went on to say, “’We in no way condone discriminatory comments of any kind.’ This Greer called ‘as weak as piss.’ She rejects the charge of discrimination as logically, of course, she must. If transgender women aren’t women, they can’t be discriminated against as women; instead, she says, she’s merely hurt their feelings.”

I’ve just become a Germaine Greer fan. There’s more:

“’People are hurtful to me all the time. Try being an old woman. People get hurt all the time, I’m not about to walk on eggshells.’ Yet she’s cancelled the lecture herself, put off by the spectre of unpleasantness.”

Sounds a bit like Donald Trump. Once one person breaks the taboo of stating the obvious, those who have know what’s obvious come out of the woodwork.

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