There’s No ‘War on Women’ but there is a ‘War on Men’

If you believe liberals, there’s a war on women in America. Even Sen. John McCain got sucked into the war-on-women vortex when he told Meet the Press host David Gregory that there is in fact a “war on women among Republicans.” Sen. McCain should pay more attention to his over-sexed daughter and pro-homosexual wife and retire from politics. Meghan McCain has posed for the April 2012 issue of Playboy magazine in a provocative spread in which she says, “I love sex.”

The war on women was started by the Democrats. First, it was the Kennedy clan. JFK had sex with a teenager and Edward “Ted” Kennedy let Mary Jo Kopechne drown in the backseat of his car. Second, remember Bill “The Stained Blue Dress” Clinton who had sex in the White House with 19-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky? There was also the accusation of rape by Juanita Broderick. Who’s idolized by the Democrats? The Kennedys. Who’s the top fundraiser in the Democrat party today? Bill Clinton!

A “war on women” is defined as advocating certain moral values that apply to men and women. And if a man stands up for these moral values, he is engaged in a “war on women.”

Income disparity has always been an issue on the supposed “war on women.”

Just a day after the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] issued a 250 word email mentioning the “War on Women” four times and just two days after Hillary Clinton warned women of “extremists” in America looking to take away their rights, TIME Magazine is out with a cover story all about women. The cover story isn’t about how women are oppressed in America, but about how women are now out earning men and bringing home the bacon.

“Women are overtaking men as America’s breadwinners.” (Source)

Then there are the ways men are portrayed in popular culture. Have you ever watched a commercial where the woman is the butt of a joke? Of course you haven’t. I can’t think of one. How about the sitcoms? The men are always depicted as stupid idiots.

Consider college enrollment. As far back as 2007, female college enrollment has outpaced that of men:

The numbers confirm years of enrollment data showing that women have not only closed the college enrollment gap — they have far surpassed men on campuses. For every four men enrolled in graduate school in 2006, there were nearly six women.

 Leonard Sax, a Maryland psychologist, family physician and author of Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men, “says the enrollment numbers actually underplay the extent of the problem — and recent U.S. Education Department diploma data agree: Women last spring [2006] earned an estimated 58.5% of bachelor’s degrees, up from 57.2% in 2000. They’re expected to earn 60% of bachelor’s degrees by 2012.”

A woman has a right to abort her pre-born child, but the father has no say in the decision, even when he expresses the desire to care for the child.

In most custody cases the wife gets the children.

Life insurance policies are cheaper for women. Yes, I realize that women live longer, but liberal logic does not look at facts. If it were the other way around, some women’s groups would protest that they were being discriminated against.

See what happens if an employer hires a man over a woman even though the man may be more qualified. A complaint to the EEOC will be delivered post haste. There have been very few male discrimination suits. There is the case of an experienced TV weatherman who is suing “CBS broadcasting for sex and age discrimination claiming his job applications were ignored purely because he isn’t a 20-something and female.” This is a man bites dog story since male discrimination suits are so rare. This man’s going to lose.

While nobody is for breast cancer, how often do you see marches to fight prostate cancer in men? The statistics for both are nearly equal even though prostate cancer research receives less than half of the funding breast cancer does.

According to estimates from the National Institutes of Health, in the United States in 2010, 207,090 women and 1,970 men will get new cases of breast cancer, while 39,840 women and 390 men will likely die from the disease. The estimated new cases of prostate cancer this year — all affecting men — is 217,730, while it is predicted 32,050 will die from the disease. (Source)

 The “war on women rhetoric” is designed to turn women against men so they will vote for the political party that is designed to make them dependent on government. In the end, the casualties in this fictional war are men and women who have their freedoms stripped from them and where the government becomes their new family.

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