News Service Associated Press is the Mouthpiece for Obama Administration

Our founders wanted a free press. It was a gutsy move on the part of men who would one day hold public office. They would be open to criticism and there would be nothing they could do about it.

I’ve heard a story that the first person marching in a parade in Communist China under Mao was holding a typewriter. If you want to control the revolution, the press must be controlled. All competing organs of information were shut down. The only news the people got was “official” information from the government.

But what happens when a news agency like the Associated Press begins to act like a PR firm for President Obama? Of course, we’ve known all along that the media have been in the tank for the Democrats for decades, but they would never admit it.

Dean Singleton is the chairman of the Associated Press board. On April 4th, he introduced President Obama before his speech to news editors in Washington. That was bad enough. News agencies should keep a healthy distance from political figures. Singleton broke the first commandment of news reporting. He tipped his hand that he is not objective. He did more than introduce President Obama, he gave a campaign speech!

Mr. Singleton sounded more like the news editor of Pravda, the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, announcing official policies of the Soviet government than a member of the free press in America.

You’ve got to read this to believe it. Well, maybe you don’t. You already know what to expect:

“As president, he inherited the headwinds of the worst economic recession since the great depression. He pushed through congress the biggest economic recovery plan history and what a government reorganization of two of the big three American automakers to save them from oblivion. He pursued domestic and foreign policy agendas that are controversial to many, highlighted by his signature into law of the most comprehensive health care legislation in history. The budget plan’s proposed by the president on the one hand and republicans on the other hand are not even on the same planet.

“Many Democrats believe his agenda doesn’t go far enough and many republicans believe it goes way too far. While we fought be to doubt — while we thought the 2008 White House race was rough and tumble, the 2012 race makes it look like bumper cars by comparison our country has become even more polarized. The 1 percent and the 99 percent are at each other’s throats.  Campaigns are now funded by secretive, multimillion-dollar super PACs. The only thing anybody seems willing to compromise on is — I can’t think of anything. [laughter] really, who would want this job in the first place?”

“We are honored today to have the man currently holding the office and aspiring for another term.”

 Look for Mr. Singleton to be offered the job as the President’s official propagandist in the 2012 Obama Administration.

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