A New Tax Plan that Could End Government Education

If you really want to change America, America’s schools must be changed and the way they are funded. Whoever controls the schools controls what’s taught. America’s education system is designed to further the interests of government.

Public education is government education. Government education is popular because the majority of people get it at a discount. People with few or no children are taxed at the same rate as people with multiple children. Why should my wife and I be forced to pay for my neighbor’s children? Please don’t tell me it’s a civic duty.

If families had to pay for what it really costs to educate their children, they would not choose the inferior government school system. If they must pay a higher price, they will choose a superior product.

Utah is rethinking the state’s child tax credit in order to help out the state’s government education system:

“For Audry McBride, a mother of four kids and Jessica McMillion, a mother of 6, the proposal is a bad idea. They say they depend on that child tax credit at the end of tax season to help pay for bills.”

This means that people with no children or are retired are forced to subsidize the education of these 10 children and tens of thousands of others.

Senator Pat Jones, a Democrat from Holladay, “says this would make it fair for everyone, people with or without kids. ‘I think it’s tax fairness at its best,’ said Jones. ‘It is bold, but our students deserve bold.’”

Jones is partially right. People paying for their own stuff is the right thing to do. If public education becomes more expensive for families, they may decide to go elsewhere. Why pay more for an inferior product.

True tax fairness and boldness would be to eliminate all tax-payer confiscated money for government education and let people make their own educational decisions with their own money.

There are numerous less expensive educational options that offer freedom over compulsion and a much better education. In the long-run, parents taking responsibility for the education of their own children will be great for their children and America and will remove the liberal’s power base.

We’ve been trying to save government schools for 50 years. You would think that 50 years of failure would teach us something.

Utah may be unintentionally cutting its own educational thr0at by inadvertently introducing price competition.

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