Mother Orca Whale Can Teach Abortionists a Lesson

The story of a mother Orca whale has captured the hearts of millions of people. “People around the world were moved by the plight of the southern residents as Tahlequah carried her dead baby, a female, day after day.” Thirty minutes after the female Orca whale gave birth, her calf died.

Tahlequah, as the mother has come to be called, gave birth on July 25 in what should have been a happy milestone for her long-suffering clan.

As Allyson Chiu wrote for The Washington Post, the pod of killer whales that roams between Vancouver and San Juan Island has dwindled to 75 members over the decades. The cause is no mystery: Humans have netted up the whales’ salmon, driven ships through their hunting lanes and polluted their water, to the point that researchers fear Tahlequah’s generation may be the last of her family.

The 400-pound, orange-tinted baby that wriggled out of her that morning was the first live birth in the pod since 2015, Chiu wrote. It lived about half an hour.

People love to anthropomorphize animals, often fallaciously. But studies have found that orcas really do possess high levels of intelligence and empathy, and emotions that may not be totally alien to our own.

So, when Tahlequah did not let her emaciated calf sink to the bottom of the Pacific, but rather balanced it on her head and pushed it along as she followed her pod, researchers thought they understood what was happening.

“You cannot interpret it any other way,” Deborah Giles, a killer whale biologist with the University of Washington, told Chiu. “This is an animal that is grieving for its dead baby, and she doesn’t want to let it go. She’s not ready.”

On Sunday, the mother finally let go of her dead calf after keeping her afloat after 17 days of carrying her along for more than 1000 miles of ocean travel to keep up with the pod.

It’s always amazing to me how people can be so moved by the action of animals with their young and yet have no regard for their own unborn children. Some of these same people will do anything in their power to grant women the freedom to kill their unborn children while grieving along with a whale.

An abortionist will respond to my claim that the mother Orca chose to give birth. Let me say that no animal would ever support abortion on demand. They are more protective of their unborn offspring than many humans are with theirs. “Orcas, dolphins and other mammals, including gorillas, are known to carry their deceased young in what is widely understood by scientists to be an expression of grief.” To whales, a baby is the continuation of their species. It’s their future.

Read the following and try to tell me that humans who support abortion but grieve over a dead baby whale aren’t mentally disturbed:

People wrote poems about Tahlequah, and drew pictures. People lost sleep thinking about the whale. A scientist cried thinking of her. Tahlequah inspired politicians and essayists – and a sense of interspecies kinship in some mothers who had also lost children.

And still, Tahlequah carried her child. The world’s interest in her feat finally grew to encompass her whole family.

This week, the Times wrote, biologists and government officials began working on a plan to save the youngest living member of Talhequah’s pod — a 3-year-old orca that appears to be on the brink of starvation. They’re now tracking the young whale — Scarlet — in an attempt to feed her antibiotic-laced salmon.

In that sense, maybe, Tahlequah’s doomed calf did bring new hope to the pod, which had previously swam and struggled in near anonymity.

Such concern and regard for whales but little regard for millions of unborn babies.

Here’s something from one of Hollywood’s special people who make money playing fictional characters for a living.

Actress Debra Messing of “Will and Grace” fame apparently believes that Christians should be forced to fund abortions. Messing is vehemently opposed to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court because she believes he’s opposed to abortion.

She tweeted “that the Christian views of employers should not supersede supposed health care rights. Her tweet is a reference to the landmark Supreme Court decision regarding Hobby Lobby. That’s the Christian-owned business that did not want to be forced to pay for abortion-causing drugs for its employees in its health care plan. Although the Supreme Court ultimately sided with Hobby Lobby and its religious rights and freedoms, apparently Debra Messing believes that Christians should be forced to fund abortions instead.” (Life News)

Not only must the law permit women to kill their unborn babies but companies that oppose abortion must pay for the bloody business.

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