Michelle Fields Outs ‘Patriotic Millionaires’

A group of self-described “Patriotic Millionaires” wants to pay more taxes. Here’s their message to the President, Sen. Harry Reid, and Congressman John Boehner:

We are writing to urge you to put our country ahead of politics.

For the fiscal health of our nation and the well-being of our fellow citizens, we ask that you increase taxes on incomes over $1,000,000.

We make this request as loyal citizens who now or in the past earned an income of $1,000,000 per year or more.

Our country faces a choice – we can pay our debts and build for the future, or we can shirk our financial responsibilities and cripple our nation’s potential.

Our country has been good to us. It provided a foundation through which we could succeed. Now, we want to do our part to keep that foundation strong so that others can succeed as we have.

Please do the right thing for our country. Raise our taxes.

Thank you,

[List of signers follows]

When a group of these nut balls “gathered to demand that Congress raise their taxes, Daily Caller Reporter Michelle Fields took it as an opportunity to see how serious they were about the cause by asking them if they’d be willing to make personal donations to the government.” Their responses are revealing.

“Would you like to donate a few thousand dollars?,” Fields asks one of the “Patriotic Millionaires, showing the online donation form on her iPad where he can pay extra taxes. When asked to do it, he quickly answers, “No I wouldn’t.”

Another Patriotic Millionaire made some revealing statements:

Taxes are not charity. . . . They’re not voluntary. They are something that society commits to do together.

That’s right. Taxes are not charity. They are forcefully taken from hard working Americans to pay for government programs that are unconstitutional. Is something just because “society” decides to do it? Where is that in the Constitution? Not if more than 50 percent of people who should be paying taxes don’t pay any or very little.. It’s like asking a majority of wolves and a minority of lambs, “What’s for dinner?”

You can watch some of her video here (about 2 minutes into Fields’ interview):

While taxes are not charity, the Federal Government does accept voluntary payments of taxes. There’s even a webpage where anybody can pay more if he or she wants to: “Welcome to the United States Treasury’s site for making donations to help reduce the public debt.” Notice the word “donations,” as in voluntary giving. Charity.

Below the payment method options – checking account or credit card – you will find this message:

Thank you for your contribution which will be deposited to the account “Gifts to Reduce the Public Debt.” Your contribution is accepted under the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 3113 which authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to accept conditional gifts to the United States for the purpose of reducing the public debt. These donations are voluntary, and no goods, services, or other considerations are provided to the donors.

If these millionaires were really smart, they would invest their money in existing and new business ventures that directly create jobs and turns the newly employed into tax payers and gets them off the government dole.

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