Liberals Never Quit Even When They’re Wrong and Beaten

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was going through his recall election, I had the privilege of hearing him at the Capital Grille in Houston, Texas. It was one of those unplanned occurences. One of the things that came out of the conversation around the table was how relentless liberals are.

They never give up. They pursue their agenda by wearing down their opponents. When they’ve been rebutted and refused by the courts, they will come back for another try. In the interim, liberals will get new judges elected. Thin what happened in 1986 with the Supreme Court ruling in Bowers v. Hardwick. The 5–4 ruling upheld Georgia’s anti-sodomy laws.

“The short concurring opinion by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger emphasized historical negative attitudes toward homosexual sex, quoting Sir William Blackstone’s characterization of sodomy as ‘a crime not fit to be named.’ Burger concluded, ‘To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.’

By 2003, the court had changed and the sodomy community got the law overturned.

Liberals don’t care about losing a battle. They have their sights on the war. It’s the same for everything.

The latest attack on Scott Walker is over an alleged “criminal scheme”:

“Prosecutors believe Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a potential 2016 Republican candidate for president, was at the center of a nationwide ‘criminal scheme’ to illegally coordinate fundraising with outside conservative groups, according to previously secret court documents released Thursday.

“The documents were filed as part of an ongoing lawsuit challenging the probe by the conservative group Wisconsin Club for Growth. They were ordered publicly released Thursday by a federal appeals court judge after prosecutors and the Wisconsin Club for Growth did not object.”

When I heard this story yesterday, I thought this issue had been settled by the courts. Is this something new?

No. It’s old and settled news:

“Walker said his opponents and the media are missing an important detail: two judges reviewed those charges and dropped the case against him.

“‘The facts are pretty clear. You’ve had not one, but two judges – a state judge and a federal judge … have both looked at this argument in the past, not just recently, remember this is not new news it’s just newly released yesterday,’ Walker explained. ‘But no charges, case over. Both judges said they didn’t buy the argument. They didn’t think anything was done that was illegal. And so they’ve gone forward … and shut the case down both at the state and federal level.’

“‘So many in the national media, and even some here in Wisconsin, are looking at this thing backwards,” he added. “This is a case that’s been resolved, that not one but two judges have said is over, and we’re just learning about it because it became open in a document yesterday. But there is no argument.’”

What’s most infuriating about the Scott Walker story is that the major networks and most of the mainstream print media are ignoring the IRS scandals and concentrating on the governor of a single state.

By the way, these two stories are related. The Democrats who went after Gov. Walker were hoping to suppress Republican voter strength. A judge determined that “the Democratic district attorneys abused their power and chilled conservatives’ free speech rights.”

The IRS is the most powerful government agency in the United States. Just try to claim that the hard drive where you store your tax records crashed.

Tax payers have to keep records going back seven years. Tax payers are guilty until they can prove they are innocent.

Who actually believes that all of the IRS emails were lost in a hard drive crash? There were people on the receiving end of these emails. Subpoena them to get to the truth. When the evidence comes in that the administration, the IRS, and Lois Lerner were lying, send them to prison.

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