Liberals Need Amnesty Because Abortion is Killing Their Base

There’s a general world-wide birth dearth. European nations are not able to replenish their population. Birth rates are down and abortion rates are up.

Even Israel has gotten into financing its own destruction by paying for abortions. As I mentioned in a previous article, the Jews are doing what Hitler could not do.

ObamaCare is pushing contraception. Liberals love abortion. Even the Girl Scouts have finally shown its true pro-abortion colors by declaring that pro-abortion pro-abortion advocate and candidate for governor in Texas is an “incredible” woman who deserved to be on a 2013 “women of the year” list.

Again, more self-destruction and fewer liberal voters.

Childlessness in the United States may also prove to be a problem for Democrats:

“The childlessness rate among women nearing the end of their childbearing years in the United States is among the highest in the world, according to the latest World Fertility Report by the United Nations, which also shows that 41 percent of all U.S. births occurred to unmarried women.

“Among 118 places for which comparable data is available, only six have rates of childlessness higher than the U.S. rate of 19 percent, Pew Research Center noted Friday in its analysis of the World Fertility Report 2012.

“Women between the ages of 40 and 44 in the U.S. have, on average, about 1.9 children in their lifetimes, which is one of the lowest levels of 171 countries analyzed, with just 19 places having an equal or lower lifetime fertility levels.”

It’s no wonder the Democrats are pushing for amnesty. They need the voters. Keep an eye out for the plan to divide California into six states. It sounds good on paper until you consider what would happen in the Senate. California would get 10 more Senators, most of whom would be liberal Democrats. Amnesty would boost liberal prospects for the foreseeable future. The Republicans are clueless. They actually think they’re going to capture some of the illegal alien vote.

If it’s one thing many conservatives are doing right, it’s having children. At least one liberal has noticed the trend:

“[F]or the past 30 years or so, conservatives — particularly those of the right-wing red-state Christian strain — have been out-breeding liberals by a margin of at least 20 percent, if not far more. . . . One theory goes like this: Libs are generally more socially conscious and hence tend to actually give a modicum of thought to what it means to pop out a brood of children in this modern overstuffed age. Also, many other liberal bohos [Bohemians] are (admittedly) happy selfish suckwads who want all the modern booty for themselves and won’t want to give up the Ducati [motorcycle] and the plasma [television] and the biannual trip to Cinque Terre [Five Lands on the Italian Riviera] for the sake of a pod of rug rats and 15 grand a year (each) for private kindergarten. Translation: Libs just aren’t procreating like they could/should be.”1

We hope it’s us.

  1. Mark Morford, “When Liberals Rule the World: Stats say the GOP is dying. But red-staters are breeding like drunken ferrets. Who wins?,” SFGate (March 28, 2007). []
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