Liberal Wants Obama to “Destroy the GOP” and So Do I

John Dickerson, writing for Slate, laid all his political biased cards on the table. We knew this is what liberals were all about. We didn’t need for someone to spill the beans. It’s refreshing to see someone being so honest:

“The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat. …

“Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. Through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force Republicans to either side with their coalition’s most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it, at least temporarily, in disarray.”

Liberals, be careful what you wish for. On second thought, don’t be careful. I want the GOP destroyed. The Tea Party wants the GOP destroyed. Fiscal and social conservatives want the GOP destroyed. We want to round up all the RINOs and thin the herd to extinction. We are more than welcoming to have liberals help us do it.

I want Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, John Boehner, and all the Republican leadership out. They’re wimps and compromisers. They are more concerned about their positions (what’s left of them) than principles. They, like President Obama, took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Like President Obama, they lied. The President just did it before millions of people. We are witnesses to it.

The GOP is going to become either Joe Clay (Jack Lemmon) or Kirsten Arnesen (Lee Remick) in the 1962 film Days of Wine and Roses. The film depicts the downward spiral of a husband and wife who succumb to the damaging effects of alcoholism.

Think of alcohol as government spending. Lemmon’s character is a free-wheeling social drinker who cajoles Remick’s character to take up alcohol. Before her first taste of a few Brandy Alexander, she was a teetotaler. She says that drinking “made me feel good.” Spending other people’s money makes politicians feel good. Their abuse of alcohol nearly destroys them. Only one of them battles the addiction. The other one is left staggering down the street after leaving a neighborhood bar.

That’s the Republican Party in a nutshell: addicted to government spending Joe and Kirsten are addicted to alcohol and damn the consequences to future generations. Their addiction is affecting their daughter’s future. In a similar way, the lying oath takers are jeopardizing future generations.

All this talk about protecting children from violence is just that . . . talk. The GOP is just as guilty burdening the next generations with debt as are the Democrats.

Before the GOP can resurrect itself; it must die. The killing begins in 2014 when we put some GOP RINOs out of our misery by voting them out office. The time is now to plan.

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