Only Liberal Democrat Filibusters are Good: A Tale of Two Filibusters

Ted Cruz takes to the Senate floor and filibusters for 21 hours and he is condemned by the President, Democrats, and some of his fellow-Republicans.

ABC on Wednesday morning dismissed Ted Cruz as “bizarre.” The Texas senator has been compared to Adolf Hitler and described as a “problem for our republic.” His 21-hour address to the Senate and nation has been ridiculed as “long winded.”
Charlie Rose later reported that “some people are saying this” the Texas senator’s efforts are “about personal ambition and being seen fighting for this because it serves his own presidential ambitions.”

You get the picture. Cruz . . . bad.

Now we turn to Texas state senator Wendy Davis. Davis is a Democrat. In June of this year, she “made a national name for herself . . . when she mounted a filibuster against new proposed abortion clinic regulations. Texas Republicans ultimately passed those restrictions into law in a special session called by outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Perry.”

“All Hail Wendy!” could be heard across the fruity plain. Davis . . . good.

It’s obvious that the filibuster coverage of Davis and Ted Cruz is different, something that even liberals grudgingly have to write about but then make excuses for why they’re different:

“There’s a raging debate on Twitter over how the speeches were treated in the press . . . Conservatives charge that Davis, a Democrat, was portrayed as courageous, while Cruz, a Republican, is being ridiculed and dismissed.”

Everything about Davis’s filibuster was front-page news. “As Dylan Byers rightly points out, Davis became a media fixation — even her shoes became [a] star.”

Type “filibuster” into Google and click on “images.” A Wendy Davis photograph is the first to pop up.

Liberal commentators have a stake in everything Obama does since they worked overtime to help him get elected. They can’t stop now, since it would be an admission that they were wrong about him, so they have to attack Cruz while never discussing the disaster ObamaCare is and is going to be.

Compare Davis’ pro-abortion filibuster news coverage with the bloody late-term abortion trial of Kermit Gosnell. The Gosnell trial never became a national news story because of the pro-abortion bias in the press, while Wendy Davis ended up getting a flattering spread in Vogue magazine for her support of late term abortions.

Davis’s efforts led to her getting donations from across the United States and bumped up her star power among her fellow-abortionists so much so that she is contemplating running for governor in Texas.

After completing her 11-hour filibuster, Davis told the crowd:

“Today was democracy in action. And you all are the reason that happened, you all were the voices we were speaking from today from the floor, and we are so proud as a group of Democrat senators to have represented your interests on this issue today.”

Yep. Democracy in action, if you’re a filibustering Democrat.

But if you’re a filibustering Republican? “I don’t think we learned anything new,” Harry Reid said after Cruz’s effort. “But it has been a big waste of time.”

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